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Service provider information

At Plan Management Partners, we work with of thousands of service providers all around the country. From sole-traders to large health organisations, our network of providers are all united by one thing - the desire to help others.

We help our customers navigate the NDIS, managing their funds and assist them to link up with providers that will help them achieve their goals.

Similarly, we also want to help our service providers understand the NDIS and what it means for them. This page is a one stop shop for service providers, containing important documents and
information on invoices, the NDIS, issues resolution and more.


Starting with Plan Management Partners

Do I need to sign a contract?

We encourage all new service providers to sign a copy of our Provider Participation Terms. By laying out the terms of our arrangement, this will help protect all parties and outlines exactly what providers can expect from us. 

Do I need to be registered with the NDIS?

No, you don’t need to be a registered provider to work with Plan Management Partners. We can process the invoices of both registered and unregistered providers and have helped hundreds of our customers use their NDIS funds to access their unregistered providers. Unsure of the difference between registered and unregistered? This blog explains things

Submitting and paying invoices

How do I submit invoices?

Invoices should be emailed directly to our payments processing team at You will get an automated email confirming that your invoice has been received.

What needs to be on my invoices?

We’ve created this handy template that you can use if you’re unsure of how to create an NDIS invoice. If you’d prefer to use your own, be sure to ensure it’s aligned with ATO guidelines and includes the appropriate NDIS line items.

When will I receive my funds?

You should receive your funds in your nominated account within 10 business days of submitting your invoice. Please note, we aim to get your invoice processed as quickly as possible, however sometimes delays that are outside of our control can arise. In addition, we ask service providers to provide clear and complete invoices that only include services that are covered under the NDIS.

Am I eligible for Fast Payment?

If your business has a credit card terminal, you can take advantage of our Fast Payment service. This allows us to pay you as soon as your claim is successfully accepted by the NDIA, rather than having to wait for us to receive the funds first. If you’d like to find out more about Fast Payment, please call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 333 700.

What services are covered under the NDIS?

Please note that only services covered under the NDIS can be invoiced to us. The NDIS will only fund a support that’s deemed “reasonable and necessary” to helping a participant reach their goals and objectives. While supports are judged individually based on each participants situation, as a general rule a support is reasonable and necessary if it:

  • relates to the participant's disability;
  • doesn’t include day-to-day living costs that are not related to a participant’s disability;
  • represents value for money;
  • is likely to be effective and beneficial to the participant; and,
  • takes into account informal supports given to participants by families, carers, the community etc.

More information about the types of supports that are covered under the NDIS can be found here.

Referring customers to Plan Management Partners

How can Plan Management Partners support my customers?

Service providers often refer their customers to us when they are struggling to manage their NDIS funds or find the right supports. In addition to providing them with plan management and support coordination, we can also hold information sessions and workshops on navigating the NDIS, co-host an event with you, or supply you with written materials to pass on to your customers.

Are there any benefits for me?

If a customer enlists us to manage their NDIS funding, you can be sure we will endeavour to get your invoices paid within 10 business days of submitting them and any questions they have will be answered.

Do I need to sign new Provider Participation Terms for each new customer?

No - if you’ve already signed an agreement with us, that applies to all our customers who enlist our services.

Feedback and complaints

I have an issue with Plan Management Partners, who can I speak to?

We’d love you to speak with our team to try and resolve any issues, by calling us on 1300 333 700 or emailing

Please read our Feedback and Complaints Procedure to find out how to you can give feedback or file a complaint, and how we will process these.

Resources for Service Providers