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12 NDIS tips for the New Year

Updated 4 November, 2020
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A new year is a great opportunity to start fresh, set new goals, and make some changes in your life.

The Plan Partners team and customers give their top NDIS tips to start 2020 off right!


Tristram   Tip 1: Don't give up


Vlogger and Marketer | QLD

There are ups and downs throughout everyone’s NDIS journey, but if you stick at it and stay positive, you might just be surprised by how quickly things can change for the better – watch how I travelled through my NDIS journey this year.



Emily   Tip 2: Dream big


Customer Service Team Leader | VIC

The NDIS can seem very by-the-book, but I have seen many surprising things being funded by the NDIS. So be creative, just make sure that it is 'reasonable and necessary' and fits in your NDIS plan. 



Steph   Tip 3: Be clear and concise


Videographer | QLD

When going into your planning meeting or review, make sure you’re clear in what you’re asking for and how it will help you achieve your goals. This will give you a much better chance of receiving what you ask for.



Vandana   Tip 4: Don't do it alone


Customer Service Officer | VIC

Reach out to us! The Plan Partners team can all guide you on how you can bring your NDIS plan to life. You don’t have to do it alone. Give us a call or send us an email.



Tommy   Tip 5: Ask for a review


Senior Business Development Lead | SA

If you’re not happy with the content of your NDIS plan, you can ask for a review of your NDIS plan within 90 days of receiving your plan. Here's a guide on how to request a review.



Jenni   Tip 6: Use it (don't lose it!)


Plan Supporter Team Leader | VIC

Did you know that on average one third of NDIS funds go unspent?  The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ can be very true when it comes to the NDIS. So make sure you’re spending enough of your NDIS funding and avoid risking losing funding in your next plan. Find out how to avoid underspending.



Courtney   Tip 7: Use your Dashboard


Support Coordinator | QLD

Keep track of your NDIS budgets with your Plan Partners Dashboard. It’s such a great resource for putting you in the driver’s seat of your NDIS experience so you feel cool, calm and in control.



Rosa   Tip 8: Don't go over budget


Plan Supporter | VIC

Try your best to stay on top of how much of your NDIS funding you’re spending, so you don’t go over budget. Overspending can lead to missing out on supports or having to pay out of pocket. Learn how to avoid overspending.



Andrea   Tip 9: Speak up


Plan Partner | WA

Everyone is unique, so make sure you explain clearly what you need in life. By speaking up to anyone who can support you - whether it is the NDIS, your providers or a family member. Express what you want and stay positive!



Jaydon   Tip 10: Build a network


Adventurer | QLD

Use your NDIS plan to build a support network of people you can trust. This has really helped me to gain independence and live my life the way I want to. My network encourages me to do things I might not do on my own. Now I get out and about so much more - and experience many new things!   



Rachel   Tip 11: Be prepared


Author | NSW

Make sure to prepare well for the review of your plan. Take any supporting documents and evidence with you and go in with a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve with the support of the NDIS or you run the risk of your funds being cut in your next plan. Getting your ducks in a row might take a bit of time, but it is totally worth it.



Nigel   Tip 12: Just reach out


Artist | VIC

The NDIS can be very difficult to get your head around – especially as things keep on changing. But there are organisations like Plan Partners out there that can help you to understand things…and not always in a way that you would expect! So reach out to them if you need help understanding it all.



Sean  A message from Sean

And last but not least, our CEO, Sean has one final tip for everyone:

We know that your NDIS journey is not always smooth sailing. But try to be as patient as you can when things don’t go as you had planned. Talk to good people and ask for support and advice. We’re here to help.


Whatever your NDIS New Year’s resolutions are, Plan Partners can help you bring them to life. To find out more or discuss your individual situation contact the Plan Partners team on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we will contact you.




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Glenda (not verified)   19th December, 2019

Hey! I just wanted to say how fabulous it is to hear these tips, especially to hear from people who are really enjoying their supports and journey with NDIS. Thank you.

Plan Partners logo
pmp.admin   19th December, 2019

Thank you Glenda for your positive response to our 12 NDIS tips article! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1300 333 700. We wish you a great Holiday Season and all the best for 2020! Warm regards, Stefan from the Plan Partners team

Plan Partners logo
SARA LEE (not verified)   20th December, 2019

Thank you for your tips

Plan Partners logo
pmp.admin   23rd December, 2019

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your comment. We're happy to hear that you have found our NDIS tips useful!

Warm regards,
The Plan Partners team

Plan Partners logo
James catts (not verified)   20th December, 2019

Thank you for the seasonal greetings,and great work in helping me.

Plan Partners logo
pmp.admin   20th December, 2019

Hi James, we're very happy to hear we're doing a great job! All the best and we look forward to working with you in the New Year. Warm regards, Stefan from the Plan Partners team

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