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Meet Our Team

Western Australian Team

Western Australian Team

WA Support Coordination team

In today’s Meet the Team, we sit down with our Western Australian Support Coordination team to learn a bit about them and their experiences with the NDIS.   

What is your role with Plan Partners?

We work closely with customers to help them find the right supports for their needs and situation, prepare for reviews, and give them the support to navigate the NDIS with confidence.

What did you do before Plan Partners?  

Dianne: I’ve worked in mental health for a long time and also advocated for older Australians.

Nikki: I was a registered nurse, working with people with disability.

Sam: I was a Support Coordinator in Melbourne before moving back to Perth and have also worked as a disability support worker and administrator.

Tayla: I’ve also been in the disability sector for quite some time, previously working as a Local Area Coordinator (LAC). Like all the others in our team, I have a real passion for the disability sector. The great people you meet, the impact you can have – it all makes the job so rewarding.

What has been your favourite Plan Partners moment?

Dianne: There’s too many to mention, but I do love seeing the moment when a customer realises they’re in safe hands and we’re here to help. I remember one customer had just got her first NDIS plan and wasn’t sure what she could do with it. When I explained it to her, her face lit up and her entire demeanour changed as it dawned on her how much better things were about to become for her and her family.

Nikki: While I agree there’s great moments every day, for me one really stands out. A customer of mine had never been able to verbally communicate, but had used his NDIS funding to buy an eye-gaze communication device. I was lucky enough to be there when he first used it and it was such an emotional and beautiful moment that will stay with me forever.

Sam: I’d have to say that the ongoing support and training we receive from the organisation is incredible and unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

Tayla: I agree. Having that support is fantastic and it helps us collaborate as a team and deliver the best outcomes to our customers.

What drives you?

Dianne: I can’t stand seeing social injustice of any kind or people not getting what they’re entitled to because someone else thinks they shouldn’t.

Nikki: For me it’s people. I love working in my team to assist our customers to change their lives. I’ve learnt that the people that you surround yourself with is so vital, and I’m very lucky to work with such a wonderful team.

Sam: I’m motivated to help ensure that all people have choice and control over their own lives. What may seem like a small decision on the surface can make a huge difference to an individual.

Tayla: Like Nikki, I’m all about people. I love watching people grow, achieve their goals and defy the odds, so getting to play a part in that process really drives me every day.

What advice would you give someone starting their NDIS journey?

Dianne: Prepare for your planning meeting and go in armed with as much evidence as possible. This can seem daunting but there’s so much support out there to help you get ready – from free sessions ran by LACs to the Plan Partners team, don’t hesitate to talk to the experts!

Nikki: Absolutely 100% agree. Be prepared, have all your supporting evidence ready, speak to the right people, and then just be that squeaky wheel who gets the grease.

Sam: I’d build on that by saying you should ask those experts as many questions as possible. There’s no question that’s too silly or obvious – and you never know what doors the answer may unlock for you.

Tayla: Asking questions is also really important because of how often the NDIS is changing. If you’re in doubt at all, speak up and ask an expert – help is always there for you. 


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