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How to cancel a service – the right way

How to cancel a service – the right way

There are many reasons you might need to cancel a session with a service provider. Now more than ever, circumstances can change quickly and leave you having to move your schedule around . With the new NDIS rules around cancellations, it’s important you know how to cancel a service provided under the NDIS, so you are not charged for the session.   

What are the rules around cancellations?

The NDIS recently updated its cancellation policy to help support service providers through COVID-19. You now have to give service providers at least 10 business days’ notice when cancelling a session or else they can charge you the entire cost of the service. Previously you only needed to give two days’ notice, so this is a significant increase.   

So, as long you let your service provider know you’re cancelling the session more than 10 business days before its scheduled date, you won’t be charged anything.  

Note: this is a temporary measure that will be in place until 25 September 2020. For more information on how the NDIS is helping both service providers and participants through COVID-19, head to our special FAQs on the topic.  

What if I do cancel late?

While service providers can charge you for a late notice cancellation, it’s entirely up to them whether they actually do or not.

If you do find yourself having to cancel a session with less than 10 business days’ notice, contact your service provider to explain the situation to them and see if it’s possible to reschedule. Whether something unexpected came up or you simply forgot, these things happen and your service provider will likely understand and work with you to come up with a solution that works for both of you.

Keep in mind that your service provider might still have expenses that they can’t get back because of your late notice cancellation. They might have already paid staff, or rented a space and be left unable to book another session. So even if you have a good reason for cancelling with less than 10 business days’ notice, you might still be required to pay for at least some of the cost of the service.

Managing your bookings

While surprises will still sometimes occur, staying on top of your booking schedule will help you avoid late notice cancellations.

Try and keep a calendar of all your appointments, including social events, work commitments, medical appointments and any NDIS service bookings, so you know what’s coming up for the month ahead and can flag any clashes or other issues early on.

Digital ones, like those on your phone or computer, work well – but sometimes having a physical calendar hanging in an easy to see place is the best way to stay on top of your schedule.

Top tips

  • You must give providers at least 10 business days’ notice when cancelling a service booking. 
  • If you cancel less than 10 business days before the date of the booking, providers are able to charge you 100% of the service fee.
  • Try to reschedule a late notice appointment instead of simply cancelling.
  • Explain your situation to the service provider and see if they can be flexible. They may not be able to, but it’s worth a try!
  • Cancelling a session might result in the service provider losing money they can’t get back, so bear this in mind when you speak to them.
  • Keep a calendar of all your upcoming appointments and events so you don’t miss any. For many people a physical calendar hanging somewhere like the kitchen is the most effective.

More information?

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