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Catherine's Story

Catherine's Story

Catherine had been trying to move out of her Supported Residential Service and into more suitable accommodation for more than 14 years. As the search dragged on, her mental and physical health deteriorated, and her anxiety reached severe levels. Something had to give.


Fortunately, Catherine’s life was turned around when she received her new NDIS plan and her Support Coordinator from Plan Partners, Marisa, sprang into action.


“I wanted to learn to live independently.” - Catherine


Marisa researched homes and presented them to Catherine. Catherine made a decision, applied and was then invited to an interview. Within a month, she was living in a single independent living home. With Marisa’s support, she was even able to get special permission to bring her beloved pet bird, Rosie, with her.


Almost immediately, Catherine’s mood lifted, her self-care increased, and her overall health improved. She also became much more social, spending time in communal areas, making new friends and joining in with activities like doll making and cooking classes.


When the pair examined Catherine’s plan, they realised she wasn’t using a lot of her budgets, which meant she wasn’t getting the level of support she was entitled to. Marisa was able to help Catherine understand her plan in more detail and put her in touch with the right service providers for her situation so she can really bring her plan to life.


With Marisa’s support, Catherine also requested a plan review that resulted in her almost doubling the funding she received for transport and personal care. She’s now able to see her brother, Kieran, a lot more and the pair have become closer than ever as a result. 


“Catherine’s much healthier and active than when I first met her, with a rosy glow and big smile. But she’s also become more independent, more open and able to express her emotions. It’s been such a joy to see.” – Marisa


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