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How to change NDIS Plan Managers in a few simple steps

Published 13 August, 2020
Changing NDIS plan from one Plan Manager to another

The NDIS is all about giving you choice and control over the support you receive, and that includes your Plan Manager. Changing Plan Managers isn’t as difficult as you might think – in fact, it’s rather simple once you know the steps to take.

How do I change my Plan Manager?

The process for changing Plan Managers is quick and easy, with most of the work being done by the Plan Managers themselves.

There are two main steps you need to take to change Plan Managers:

  1. Once you’ve chosen a new Plan Manager, contact them to let them know your situation. They’ll take you through the sign-up process and get you started.
  2. After this, contact your current Plan Manager to let them know you’re moving to a new Plan Manager. You’ll also need to update your service providers so they know where to send their invoices.

Switching made simpler: If you’re switching to Plan Partners, the process is even easier. Simply contact our customer service team first and we’ll handle the rest, letting your current Plan Manager and service providers know you’re joining us and taking care of everything for you.    

Can I change Plan Managers whenever I want?

That depends on the Plan Manager you’re switching to. Some don’t take on customers who are part way through their NDIS plan, so you’ll have to wait until you get a new one. If you’re changing to Plan Partners however, you can make the switch at any time – no matter where you are in your plan!

There are also no additional costs involved in changing to a new Plan Manager – it’s completely free and doesn’t affect any of your NDIS budgets.

Do I need to give a reason for the change?

Absolutely not. You don’t need to justify or explain your decision to anyone. Your current provider must honour your request and continue to pay your invoices until the day you transition to your new Plan Manager.

You don’t even have to contact the NDIS or your LAC to let them know about the change, your new Plan Manager will organise everything for you.

Why would I change Plan Managers? 

Not all Plan Managers offer the same services and resources, so it’s important you find the right one for you. If you believe your Plan Manager isn’t meeting your expectations, you should find one that will.

While everyone will look for different things, we suggest there are four core elements that make a good Plan Manager:

  • Trust 
    You need to be able to trust your Plan Manager to perform basic services efficiently – paying your invoices and reimbursements quickly, resolving issues with invoices smoothly, being easy to contact and responding quickly to your enquiries.
  • Transparency 
    Your Plan Manager should provide you with complete transparency for how you’re tracking with your NDIS budgets through online portals and monthly statements. They should also allow you to be in complete control of how you spend your budgets and offer you independent advice that benefits you and you alone.
  • Expertise 
    Your Plan Manager should know all the NDIS ins and outs, explain everything clearly and give you valuable advice on getting the most out of your NDIS plan.
  • Understanding 
    Your Plan Manager should go above and beyond to understand your personal situation and tailor their advice to you.

Learn more on how to select the right Plan Manager for you. 

Learn more about Plan Management.

Have any questions?

To learn more about changing Plan Managers, give our team of experts a call on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we’ll contact you.

Top Tips

  • You have a right to be with a Plan Manager that helps you get the most out of your NDIS journey. If your Plan Manager isn’t right for you, you can change to one that is.
  • You don’t have to wait until your NDIS plan expires or gets reviewed, you can change Plan Managers at any time.
  • The process is a straightforward one – just let your current Plan Manager know you plan to change providers, then let your chosen Plan Manager know you’d like to transition to them. They’ll handle the rest between them.
  • Changing to Plan Partners? We’ve made it even easier to make the switch – just call us and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Your Plan Manager must continue to pay your invoices right up until the day you transition to a new one, so there will be no disruption to your supports.
  • You have a 30-day cooling off period to change your mind and return to your old Plan Manager.
  • There are no set up fees or additional costs for changing Plan Managers.
  • You don’t need to justify your decision to anyone. Once you tell your Plan Manager you’d like to change to a new provider, they are obliged to honour your decision and organise your transition smoothly.



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