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Customer Charter

Customer Charter

As our customers are our number one priority, we have created a Customer Charter which consist of our 9 commitments to our customers.

The Charter is the foundation of everything we do for you.

Our Commitments to You

You can see exactly how your NDIS budgets are tracking at any time and anywhere. You are always in control. Each month we will send you a statement showing how your NDIS budgets are tracking. You can also track your spending any time by logging in to your online Plan Partners Dashboard on our website.

You can contact us over the phone, by email, live chat or by writing to us. We will respond to all written enquiries within 2 working days and we will have the appropriate people available to answer your calls during business hours. In all our responses we aim to be consistent and fair.

You don’t need to worry about your service providers being paid. As we process invoices promptly, they usually get paid within 7 business days (or 4 business days if your provider submits them through our Fast Payment System).

We keep your information at hand so we can move quickly when you contact us and focus on what you need. If our customer service team member can’t help you, a team leader will be available to talk to you.

Our aim is to keep our customers happy. At least once a year, we will actively ask for your feedback. We will report regularly in our e-newsletters the outcomes of the feedback we have received.

We only consider your needs when we advise you on how you may spend your NDIS funds or select your providers. We don’t receive payments from any service provider for referring you to them and do not provide any NDIS-funded services other than Plan Management and Support Coordination. We will never share your personal information (such as your NDIS plan) with anyone without your approval.

You can count on us to have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of the NDIS, the disability community, Plan Management and Support Coordination.

All our people spend at least 20 hours each year learning and developing their skills through professional development. We also encourage our people to volunteer. We offer them 2 days extra paid leave each year to volunteer in the disability community.

We are continuously investing in improving our systems and developing new tools to help you get the most out of your Plan Management or Support Coordination services with us. We will continue to improve our online Dashboards, customer service tools, payment systems and reporting systems.

We are always working to make sure our services comply with the regulations set by the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission. We will complete independent quality & safeguards audits in each of the states we operate in and we encourage all the providers we work with to do the same.

We are always talking to and working with members of the disability sector and the community, the NDIA and the government to make the NDIS a success for you and all other NDIS participants, and for service providers.

Each year, we will share our knowledge of the NDIS by organising at least 20 expos and information session ourselves and taking part in at least 30 industry expos and events. We publish at least 3 online articles, print guides or videos each month to help educate people about how to make the most of the NDIS.


You can hold us to the promises in this Charter. We regularly check our performance against these commitments and publish our performance each year on our website so you can see how we are going. Click here for our latest Customer Charter audit.

If we do not meet the standards in this Charter, we promise to donate $ 5,000 to a good cause. We will ask a disability advocacy organisation to help us choose a cause that will benefit people with a disability.

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