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A day in the life of a Customer Service Officer

Updated 4 July, 2019
Suzanne, our CSO from the VIC office, working at her desk, smiling.

At Plan Partners, our customers are always at the forefront of everything we do. Our Customer Service Officers play a key role in making sure that our customers and their service providers are being supported in the best way possible. In this article, one of our dedicated Customer Service Officers, Suzanne, describes what a typical working day for her looks like.


8:15 am - Preparing for the day ahead

I generally come in a little early to catch up with the team over a tea or coffee.

I then head to the desk and respond to any questions that have come in overnight via our Customer Dashboard. The Dashboard has been a fantastic tool for our customers, giving them more visibility over their supports and budgets and making it simple for them to submit any questions they might have.  


9:00 am - Opening the phone lines

Our phone lines open and – as usual – there’s a flurry of calls from service providers, customers and NDIS participants. My first call is from a woman wanting to know if she’s eligible for the NDIS. While it’s a pretty simple question, I take my time and talk her through how the NDIS works and what she needs to do to access it. Educating people (both NDIS participants and service providers) is a big part of my job, and I try to explain things in a way that they’ll understand instead of simply reciting standard lines from the NDIS website.


10:00 am - Shedding light on the NDIS

An hour into my day and I’ve already answered 7 calls. I generally get between 35-50 calls a day, so I’m talking a lot! One of this morning’s calls was from a customer who’s a little bit agitated and confused that they can’t have their consumables budget plan managed by us. After explaining why and providing some advice as to their options, they relax. No one likes to feel in the dark, so by shining a light on some of the less known aspects of the NDIS we can help people to feel in control again – and that’s a really rewarding part of the job.  


12:00 pm - Lunch time

It's time for lunch and I head to the office kitchen or a nearby café with others within the Plan Partners team.


1:00 pm - Expo prep

We’re attending a expo later this month, so we have a quick meeting to go over our plan. This event is focussed on families and children with disability, and we’ll be there to explain Plan Management and Support Coordination and how we can help make life easier for families. It will be my second time going to an expo and I really look forward to it, as it’s a great chance to meet people face-to-face instead of through the phone or over email. And I love talking with parents with children with a disability, who often struggle to organise all the NDIS finances and supports for their child. It’s powerful to be able to tell people they don’t have to do it alone.


2:00 pm - Helping a NDIS participant

I get a call from a young mother of three children, two of which have a disability. She has recently received one of their NDIS plans and is disappointed with the outcome and at her wit’s end. Fortunately, they managed to get Plan Management and Support Coordination included in the plan, so I explain how these services work and that we can do these for her. Best of all, we can help get the NDIS plan reviewed and try to get a better outcome for her child. She’s very happy and a little overwhelmed to realise there’s support out there for her and her children.


3:30 pm - Catching up on emails

The calls are getting a bit quieter now so I catch up on emails. In our Customer Charter we have committed to our customers to answer any enquiries they have within two business days, but I always try to ensure we do it even quicker.


4:00 pm - Final calls

I answer another round of phone calls and then take some time to make sure I’ve filed them all correctly in our system. By tracking all our interactions with customers we can be sure we have a snapshot of their situation and how it’s developing, so they don’t have to keep repeating themselves whenever they call.


4:30 pm - Signing up new NDIS participants

My last call of today is from a Support Coordinator who’d like to refer three clients to us. That’s great news and I point her to our new online sign up process where she can easily do that. She has some more specific questions, so I connect her with one of our Customer Welcome Officers, who handle all our sign-ups.


5:00 pm - Home time

It’s time to head home. Love my work and incredibly lucky to do something that makes a real difference.   

It’s been a busy day. No two people’s NDIS experiences are the same and some questions require me to really put on my problem-solving hat and work with the team to brainstorm solutions. While it can be tricky, it’s also incredibly rewarding to maximise a person’s NDIS funding or help a small service provider to continue providing support to their customers.


Want to learn more about Suzanne? Click here.

Read our Customer Charter to find out more about the promises we make to our customers. 


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