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A day in the life of a Plan Partner

Updated 2 December, 2019
Plan Partner, Palani at his desk at the NSW Plan Partners office. On the screen of his laptop is the Plan Partners homescreen.

Ever wondered what a typical day is like for a Plan Partner? Our “Day in the Life” series is here to answer all your questions! In today's post, we tag along with Palani, one of our fantastic Plan Partners, as he takes us through his day, helping people get the most from their NDIS plans.


9:00am - Morning housekeeping

After the all-important visit to the office coffee machine, I catch up on any emails that have come in overnight. As the NDIS is so new, and such a big change, a lot of people have questions about what it means for them, and what their Plan Management funding gets them. Once my inbox is sorted, I catch up with some of my team for a chat about any recent developments. It’s important we’re all up to date, both on our customers and the sector itself.  


11:00am - Off to a local expo

I jump in the car and head out on the road to meet with some local service providers. Plan Partners has one of the largest networks of providers in Australia, and part of my job is to ensure we have our finger on the pulse and are creating strategic partnerships. As with NDIS participants, we need to educate a lot of service providers about what plan management is and the benefits to them and their clients. But when I tell them that it means they can relax knowing their bills will be paid on time and without fuss, they get pretty interested!


1:30pm - Lunch with the team

I head back to the office and grab lunch with some colleagues. The Plan Partners team is made up of an amazing group of people, all with different areas of expertise and experience. We have people who have worked as social workers, youth workers, psychologists, accountants and more, and we often put our heads together over lunch and use our complimentary skills to get the best results for our customers.  


2:00pm - A visit to accounts

As I’m finishing lunch, I get a call from a service provider who enquires about the payment of one of his invoices, so I drop by our Support Team to get to the bottom of it. They’re the team who manage our customers’ accounts and pay their invoices, and it turns out they were already aware of the issue and had sent an email to the service provider earlier in the day, explaining that he’d forgotten to mention the NDIS category code on the invoice. When returning the call, I give him a tip to check out the invoice template on our website, which he can use to ensure his future invoices are produced in the correct format. An easy fix!


3:00pm - A regional visit

As Plan Partners, we work in a lot of regional and remote areas, helping ensure NDIS participants have the best access possible to the supports they need. This afternoon I visit a regional area just outside of Sydney and meet with some service providers to discuss the benefits of Plan Management for their customers. I give a workshop at one of the larger service providers in the region and it’s great to answer all their questions about the NDIS and Plan Management; I can see them really start to put the pieces together in their minds, and that’s a rewarding feeling.


5:00pm - Homeward bound

Another day done, I head home with a big smile on my face. It’s great to have a job as a Plan Partner, where I can help take some of the stress out of people’s lives and support them in living the life they want to live. And because no two days are the same, who knows what exciting new interactions tomorrow will bring!


Want to learn more about what we do here at Plan Partners? Read about a day in the life of a Support Coordinator.


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