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Diane's Story

Diane's Story

With the NDIS and Plan Partners, Diane can enjoy simple pleasures more often.


Catching up with friends or family over a cup of coffee isn’t out of the ordinary for a lot of people. But for Diane, it represents a whole new and exciting world of independence.


Living with an Acquired Brain Injury and in a wheelchair, Diane had long had to rely on a small group of loved ones for support. But thanks to the NDIS, she’s now been given the freedom to live a normal social life.   


“I no longer have to wait for family or friends to come and support me, and rely on professional support only three times a week. With the help of Plan Partners, I’ve been able to access supports daily - for personal care, meal preparation, gardening, shopping. My support workers have even received additional training. It’s a very holistic approach to care, which I love.” 


“Instead of only showering three times a week I can now shower every day, and I’m able to live a far more social life - and a quite busy one at that. I love meeting people, having a coffee at my favourite cafe and going shopping. Whenever my family visits me now, it’s not just to take care of me. We can sit down and just have a normal chat and tea together, which is such a huge difference. And equally important - my main carer and dear friend, Shane, can have more free time of his own now.”   


“The NDIS allowed me to come out of my isolation and small circle of carers, friends and family. And Plan Partners and Dianne, my Support Coordinator and Plan Manager, have been amazing throughout the entire process. Dianne helped me wade through a sea of supports to find the ones that are right for me, and is always available if I have a question or want to get something changed.”


“Dianne and I are now also looking into finding some volunteer work for me, and finding new technology and different communication methods, so it’s easier for people to understand me.  Dianne’s support gives me even more confidence to go out there and enjoy life.”

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