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Fact or Fiction: Plan Management

Updated 17 April, 2020
Fact or Fiction: Plan Management

The topic of Plan Management is one that generates a lot of discussion amongst NDIS participants. What exactly is it? What are the benefits? Who’s eligible? 

There is no shortage of Plan Management myths out there, so we wanted to take a look at some of the most common ones our team have heard and see if they’re fact or fiction.

For a more general overview of Plan Management, head to our Plan Management page.

1. Plan Management is all about paying invoices

False. While processing your service providers’ invoices and handling the administration that comes with an NDIS plan is a major part of Plan Management, there’s much more to it than that. At Plan Partners, we help our Plan Management customers to…

  • Gain access to the large number of providers that haven’t registered with the NDIS.
  • Keep an eye on how they’re spending by providing them with a monthly overview.
  • Get the most value out of their NDIS plan with our Online Dashboard’s handy budget tracker tool.
  • Navigate the NDIS with confidence, with access to all our online resources and our knowledgeable and passionate team.

2. Once you have Plan Management you don’t need to check your budgets

False. How you spend your NDIS budgets is entirely your choice and is not up to your Plan Manager. So, whether you have a Plan Manager or not, you should try to keep an eye on your budgets to make sure you’re not spending too much – or too little.  Learn how you can avoid over- or underspending.

While we can’t stop you from going over budget, Plan Partners can help by giving you access to our online Dashboard. This handy tool shows you just how much of each of your budgets you’ve spent and how much you have left to spend, so you can access supports with confidence and get the most out of your NDIS plan. We also provide all our customers with a monthly summary of their budgets.

3. Your Plan Manager approves and pays your supports

False. Plan Managers receive your service providers’ invoices and then submit them directly to the NDIS to be processed and paid. It’s the NDIS that assesses whether they can be paid, depending on whether the invoice contains all the required information, is reasonable and necessary, and doesn’t go over that support category’s pricing restrictions.

At Plan Partners, we validate your invoices before sending them on to the NDIS, to make sure they meet all the criteria and will be paid. This avoids any holdups down the line and ensures your service providers are paid quickly and without hassle. Here’s how we validate invoices.

4. Your Plan Manager will help you find supports

False. Plan Managers won't help you find the right supports for your needs – that’s Support Coordination. Both Plan Management and Support Coordination are services that help people put their NDIS plans into action, but each does it in a different way. Find out more about the difference between these two. 

5. Not All Plan Managers are equal

True. There are lots of Plan Managers out there, and not all offer the same level of service or customer care. Plan Partners, for example, is one of the only Plan Managers that has a formal Customer Charter in place that promises deliver a high standard of service. And while some Plan Managers offer their customers digital tools to help them on their NDIS journey (like our online Dashboard), not all do. So before choosing a Plan Manager, do some research – either online or by speaking to other NDIS participants – to find one that’s right for you.

6. Plan Management is the best option for everybody

False. While many people prefer Plan Management and there’s certainly many benefits to it, some people prefer to either manage their own NDIS plan or leave it to the NDIS to manage. Whether Plan Management is right for you depends on many factors, like how much time you have, whether you would like to access unregistered providers, and whether you’d like to get independent advice. Find out more on the differences between each here.

7. Everyone can get Plan Management

True. If you ask for Plan Management in your NDIS planning meeting, you’ll be given it. There are no eligibility criteria for Plan Management. Better still, it will be included in your NDIS plan on top of your other supports, there’s no direct cost to you and it doesn’t impact your ability to have Support Coordination included in your plan either. Read more about the myths about getting Plan management in your NDIS plan here.

More information?

If you’d like to speak with someone about Plan Management or anything we’ve touched on it this article,  just contact our helpful team on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we will contact you.



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