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Frequently Asked Questions

At Plan Partners we receive many questions from people about the NDIS, their plan and what we can do to help. Read on for some of the most common queries we receive. If you can’t see the answer to your question in this list, don’t worry - just contact us with your query and we’ll be happy to help.

Since we have received many questions about the NDIS and Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have created a dedicated FAQ, which is updated regularly as the situation changes. View it here

Understanding the NDIS

How the NDIS works

Who is eligible for the NDIS?

To be eligible you’ll need to meet some basic criteria relating to your age, Australian Residency status and the nature of your disability. You can find out if you meet the access requirements at

What are the steps in the NDIS process?

Navigating the NDIS can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. To help you prepare and get the most out of your plan, we’ve created this simple step-by-step guide. From Step 1 (Prepare) to Step 7 (Annual review), this guide will give you handy tips & tricks for each step.

What is an NDIS plan?

Your NDIS plan is a document all about you and your life goals. It’s based on the details you provide in your initial planning meeting with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC). Your plan contains a breakdown of the different supports required to help you achieve your goals, along with how much funding has been allocated to each category. Here is all the information you need to understand the sections in your NDIS plan.

What's covered by the NDIS?

The NDIS covers the cost of supports across a wide range of areas, from education, employment and community participation through to living arrangements, independence, health and wellbeing. What’s covered in your plan will really depend on your individual situation and life goals. The NDIS uses the "reasonable and necessary" framework to determine what support you can be funded for.

The NDIS can also fund Plan Management and Support Coordination. If you want to know more how the NDIS funds specific costs, follow our blog series "How to make the NDIS work for you", featuring Playing SportTransport and more.

How do I prepare myself for the NDIS?

In our 'NDIS in 7 easy steps' guide we give a couple of good tips on how to prepare, such as: Learn the basics about what it can fund and how it works. Start your planning early and don’t wait until your first meeting to think about what you want. And of course, ask for help from our friendly Plan Partners team at any time.

Can I make changes to my NDIS plan?

If you want to later change something in your plan, you can always ask for a review of your plan. Make sure you explain as clearly as possible how and why you need to make the adjustments (for example, if your personal circumstances have changed).

How do I know how if I still have enough money in my NDIS budget?

You can easily keep track of your budgets and your spending in your own online Plan Partners dashboard. If you sign up with us for Plan Management we'll give you access to this very handy and easy to use Dashboard.

How is the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) affecting the NDIS?

Since we have received many questions about the NDIS and Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have created a dedicated FAQ, which is updated regularly as the situation changes.

Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management supports you in managing your NDIS funds. Our Plan Management team handles the day-to-day administration that comes with an NDIS plan, such as processing invoices and keeping track of your fund balance.

How much does Plan Management cost?

Plan Management is available to all participants, and the cost is covered by the NDIS - you just have to ask for it.

What are the benefits of Plan Management?

Plan Managers deal with all the tricky paperwork and administrative tasks related to your plan - like keeping track of your spending, maintaining accurate financial records, handling claims with the NDIS and making sure your providers get paid, tracking your spending and keeping a note of all your paperwork. They can even help you with a list of service providers in your area.

That means you can focus on the more important stuff, like realising the goals in your plan.

How do I sign up for Plan Management?

Easy! Just go to the signup page, fill in your information and we'll be in touch.

How do I find service providers?

We have a large database of providers to choose from - and if you appoint us as your Support Coordinator we can even help by making some suggestions based on your needs and your goals. And because we’re independent and not a service provider ourselves, we’ll only suggest options that we think are right for you.

You can also find service providers in your local area by contacting your local NDIS office, calling the helpline on 1800 800 110 or checking the list of registered service providers in your area at

What is the difference between unregistered and registered providers?

The NDIS asks service providers to register with them. However, not all providers choose to register. The main difference between unregistered and registered providers is that only registered providers can claim their invoices with the NDIS directly.

Using a Plan Manager allows you to access an unregistered provider easily. Read more about unregistered providers.

Support Coordination

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination helps you get the most out of your NDIS plan, so you can realise your potential and achieve your goals. Support Coordination can take the stress out of organising your supports. It is what the NDIS calls a ‘capacity building’ support – designed to give you the skills and confidence to handle this yourself in future.

How much does Support Coordination cost?

If Support Coordination is part of your plan, then the cost of those services is covered by the NDIS. Not everyone is eligible for Support Coordination, so if you’re not sure if you qualify, contact us for a chat.

What are the benefits of Support Coordination?

Coordinating your supports can be complicated and time-consuming. Support Coordinators make this process easier by helping you to choose service providers, regularly review your supports and action your plan. It’s especially useful if you need to engage lots of different service providers.

Find out if you're eligible for Support Coordination.

How do I sign up for Support Coordination?

Signing up with us is really easy. Get started with our online sign up page. We will contact you within 1 business day. To get everything started, we will ask you to complete and sign our Customer Service Agreement and send us a copy of your plan.

Becoming a customer with Plan Partners

Signing up for our services

How do I sign up for your services?

Easy! Just go to our signup page and follow the prompts.

What is in the customer service agreement?

During the signup process, you are shown the customer service agreement. If you'd like to refer back to it, you can find it on our site.

Working with your Dashboard


How often is the Dashboard information updated?

  • The parts of the Dashboard that use information from your NDIS plan – such as your plan length, progress through the plan, current month and so on – are updated automatically every day.
  • The financial details in your Dashboard are updated each time an invoice or reimbursement enters our system. There may be a delay between when a service has been provided and the invoice is sent to us for payment. As a result, the Dashboard represents your funding position as of the most recently received invoice or reimbursement.

At the bottom of each page, you can always see when the dashboard information was last updated.

Why did you change the Dashboard?

We are constantly exploring innovative ways to help participants, providers and support coordinators to get the best out of the NDIS. We listened to your feedback and made it even easier for you to manage your NDIS finances. In addition to adding a number of features requested by our customers, we've updated the look and feel to be more accessible and easier to understand.

How can I download the App?

The Plan Partners' Dashboard App is available in the App Store and on Google Play:

Registration, access and common issues

How can I register to use the Dashboard?

If you are an NDIS participant, you’ll need to have Plan Management with Plan Partners to get access to Plan Partner’s Dashboard. If you’re not a customer with Plan Partners yet, you can easily sign up. If you are already a customer, you can create your password to get access. Make sure to use the email address you’re using is the one you’re communicating with Plan Partners with.

If you are the plan nominee of multiple NDIS participants – such as a parent, relative or legal guardian – and have signed them up for Plan Management, you can get access to your own Parent/Guardian Dashboard from where you can easily access multiple accounts. Contact us to organise your access.

If you are a Support Coordinator for an NDIS Participant who is Plan Managed by Plan Partners, we can set up your own Support Coordinator Dashboard from which you can access the details of all your customers with Plan Partners. You’ll need to provide proof of your customers’ consent to access their details. Contact us to receive your access.

Finally, if you are a service provider working with an NDIS Participant who is Plan Managed by Plan Partners, you can get access to your own Service Provider Dashboard. Contact us to receive your access. We can only give access to one email address per organisation.

How do I access my Dashboard?

Just go to the login page, enter your email address and password.

If you don’t know your password, you can easily create a new one by clicking 'Forgot password?'.

Why isn’t my password working?

If you have used a previous version of the Dashboard, you can’t use your old password anymore as we have rebuilt the Dashboard in a completely new system. You should have received an email from us called ‘Your Dashboard is activated’ with a link to finalise setting your password.

If you didn’t receive this, check your spam or junk email box.

Still can’t find it? You can always create a new password here.

Can I still access the old Dashboard?

Unfortunately not.

In order to improve the experience of our customers, we constantly work to improve the Dashboard. If you have any issues finding what you’re looking for, just contact us and we can guide you.

What if forgot my password?

You can always create a new password here. You will receive an email 'Finish creating your password' with a link to reset your password.

Why didn’t I get the email to set my password?

Sometimes, automatic emails can be put in spam or junk by email programs. It’s also possible that the email we have in our systems is not your current email address. Don’t worry, just try again following this link to create a new password, or contact us on 1300 333 700 to guide you through this.

The NDIS Participant Dashboard

Why has the dashboard changed?

In order to deliver the best experience for our customers and service providers, we're always working on improving our tools. In addition to adding a number of features requested by our customers, we've updated the look and feel to be more accessible and easier to understand.

What are the new features of the dashboard?

In addition to the fast payments, invoice approvals, spend tracking and next-day reimbursements, we've added some additional features to help you get the most out of your funds.

The charts on the homepage have been simplified, we've added a section for news and updates, and updated the invoice page to be easier to understand. We've added additional controls for approving invoices, allowing you to decide which provider invoices can be paid automatically and which ones need approval.

We've also added a brand new 'benefits' section, with exclusive partnerships and offers to benefit our customers.

How does the new Dashboard work?

Your new Dashboard gives you all the same information about your NDIS funds, along with a number of new features. Here is a quick breakdown. 

Where is the graph that used to be in the Dashboard?

In response to feedback from our customers, we've replaced some of the graphs with simple progress bars, to more clearly communicate how you're tracking.

Your funds are broken down into Core, Capital and Capacity Building supports, and you can easily see how your budgets are tracking for each of the support categories in your plan.

How do the charts and graphs work?

At a glance, you can see your progress through your funds, spending breakdown by provider and where you are in your NDIS plan journey.

Your funds and spending are broken down by Core, Capital and Capacity-building Supports. There are two progress bars. The first shows how much of your funds have been spent, and the second shows your progress through your plan.

If the two bars are at around the same progress level, you're on track with your spending.

Where are my individual categories?

We designed your Dashboard to provide a snapshot of your funds at a glance, as well as a specific information if you need it. To see your individual categories, click the ‘Categories and Spending’ button on the home page.

I'm missing an invoice in the Dashboard, why is it not featured?

We receive invoices through the post, email and directly via our online Fast Payment system. Invoices must be processed, checked and validated against your NDIS plan before they are shown on your Dashboard.  This can take up to 3 days. At the bottom of each page, you can see when the information on the Dashboard was updated.

How can I select to approve invoices?

If you would like to review and approve invoices, go to the ‘Your profile’ section in your Dashboard. Scroll down to see ‘Invoice approval preference’. If you'd like to approve your invoices, you can choose to do it:

  • within two days, which means you'll have 48 hours to approve each invoice. After 48 hours, the invoice will automatically be submitted to the NDIS
  • for all invoices, which means that every invoice needs to be approved by you with no time limits. 
Here, you can select one of the three options:  “I would like Plan Partners to check and submit every invoice to the NDIS automatically” – this means that Plan Partners handles everything for you. We check the invoice for you and directly submit the invoice to NDIS. This is the default setting. “I would like two days to review and approve invoices before Plan Partners checks and submits to the NDIS” – this gives you the opportunity to review invoices prior to submission. They will automatically be submitted if you do nothing within two days. “I would like review and approve all invoices before Plan Partners checks and submits to the NDIS” – this option provides ensures that only invoices you have approved are submitted to the NDIS for payment.

You can also select who can approve your invoices – this can be yourself or if you have nominated a parent/guardian or support coordinator, you can also select them.

How do I know when there is a new invoice to approve?

If you’ve selected to approve invoices before we submit them to the NDIS, you will receive an email from us every time there is a new invoice to approve. The email has a link to the ‘Your Invoices and Payments’ section in your Dashboard. Go to ‘Invoices to approve’ and click on ‘view and approve’ invoices.

If you have downloaded the app (release date: March/April 2020), you will receive a notification on your mobile every time you have a new invoice to approve.

What happens if I reject an invoice?

If you reject the invoice in your Dashboard, the invoice won't be submitted to the NDIS. Make sure to contact your service provider about the rejection of the invoice and try to solve the issue.

What happens if I forget to approve an invoice?

If you have selected to approve invoices within 2 days and forget to approve your invoice in your Dashboard within those 2 days, we will consider it approved and automatically submit the invoice to the NDIS.

If you have selected to approve all invoices there will be no time limit for your to approve invoices. The invoice will only be submitted to the NDIS if you approve it in your Dashboard. Make sure to contact your service provider if you have forgotten to approve the invoice, to ensure that there are no issues or disruption of your services. 


Can I be reimbursed via the Dashboard?

Yes! Submitting a request for reimbursement to the NDIS through your Dashboard is a lot easier than filling out a form and emailing it to us. Plus, you’ll get paid back much faster. If you submit a valid reimbursement request through your Plan Partners’ Dashboard, you should receive your money back the next business day. Simply upload a copy of the bill or invoice, along with proof of payment, fill in all the fields and submit.

You can track the status of your reimbursement in the ‘Your invoices and payments’ section. All reimbursements have a number that start with RM.

How do I submit a reimbursement?

Log in to your Dashboard, go to ‘Get reimbursed’ under ‘Your Invoices and Payments’  and follow the steps. Make sure to click submit when you’re done. You can even save the reimbursement as a draft and go back to editing it through the ‘Your Invoices and Payments’ section of your Dashboard.

Drafts are automatically deleted after 14 days.

Why is an invoice invalid?

An invoice could be invalid for a number of reasons, many of which we will try to resolve on your behalf. You may have run out of funds to cover the cost of an invoice, or the service provider may have selected a category that isn’t in your plan. Don’t worry if you see an invalid invoice, as we are on it.

What do I do when an invoice is invalid?

Part of our service is to make sure invoices are correct, checking that the details of the invoice match your plan dates, categories and available funding.

As a result, most issues with invalid invoices are resolved by our team automatically. Only if we encounter a problem that we can’t fix with the service provider directly, we will be in touch with you to discuss it further.

How do I delete a service provider?

If you wish to remove a service provider from your Dashboard, go to ‘Your providers’ and select ‘Delete’. This will prevent them from having any future invoices paid from your funds, however their payment history will remain on your Dashboard.

All the budget information on my Dashboard is gone. What happened?

The Dashboard will only show data from active NDIS plans. If you have no budget information in your Dashboard, it most likely means that we don’t have an active NDIS plan for you in our records at the moment. This might cause issues with the figures displayed in your Dashboard and could cause a delay in payments.

Please contact us to update your NDIS plan in our records.

Are there any accessibility tools built into the Dashboard?

Yes, there is.

On the right hand side of the screen halfway down, there is a green wheelchair icon. This enables some additional tools to improve contrast, read text off the screen and more.

The Service Provider Dashboard

How do I submit an invoice?

Creating and submitting an invoice through the Dashboard is very easy. Just click on ‘Fast Payment’ in your Dashboard and follow the steps to create and submit the invoice. The system provides helpful tools to look up NDIS items, select customers and generate a valid invoice number. The system immediately confirms if an invoice complies with NDIS requirements and is ready for submission to the NDIS for approval. Even better: Because our team doesn’t have to review and validate the invoice, you can get paid faster, within 4 business days. Here's some more info on our Fast Payment System.

What if I don't want to use the Dashboard?

If you don’t want to use our Fast Payment System, you can still email the invoice in pdf, Word or Excel to us at

Please note that as we need to manually process and validate the invoice, it can take up to 7 business to get the invoice paid.

Why is this invoice invalid?

An invoice could be invalid for a number of reasons. This article explains how we validate invoices. We will work with you to resolve any issues with invalid invoices as quickly as possible.

Why is this invoice not approved by the customer?

Customers with Plan Partners can choose to approve each invoice we submit them to the NDIS. They get notified each time there is a new invoice to approve. They'll then need to log into their Dashboard to approve or reject an invoice.

If a customer rejects the invoice, we won’t submit it to the NDIS for payment and we request them to notify you and resolve any issues.

If a customer is taking a long time to approve the invoice, we advise you to contact them directly to solve any issues they might have.

What do I do when an invoice is invalid?

If an invoice is invalid, we will be in touch with you to discuss how we can fix the issue and how to submit an adjusted invoice.

How do I change my bank details?

To change your bank details, please send us an email from your business email address or with a letter using your business letterhead to

Please ensure your email states clearly:

  • Your new bank account number
  • the name of the account
  • Your ABN

Our team will adjust your bank details within a couple of days.

How do I invoice for the new 1 July amounts in the Fast Payment System?

Following the new NDIS Price Guide effective since 1 July, we have updated our Fast Payment System to feature the new price limits. This means that you are not able to enter any prices that include the temporary 10% COVID-19 loading anymore. Please contact our team on 1300 333 700 if you’d like to submit an invoice for services before 1 July including the COVID-19 loading. Find out more about the Price Guide changes.

What are the new features of the dashboard?

In addition to the fast payments and invoices, we've added some additional features to help you track your NDIS invoices.

We've added a section for news and updates, and updated the invoice page to be easier to understand. You'll be able to save invoice item templates, making the creation of recurring invoices much faster and easier.

The Support Coordinator Dashboard

How can I see the details of another customer?

After logging in, you will see a blue bar below the menu that indicates the name of the customer (NDIS participant) whose details you’re viewing. Click on the drop down menu to select another customer.

Why can’t I see all my participants with Plan Partners?

There may be a few reasons why you can’t see a participant’s name in the blue bar, such as:

  • They may not be plan managed by us
  • Their account hasn’t been associated with your Dashboard
  • We haven’t received consent from them to give you access to their details

Contact us and we’ll try to remedy the issue.

How do I access the Support Coordinator Dashboard for the first time?

To access your Dashboard (and App), simply provide us with your customer's consent to access their Dashboard information. You can do this by sending us either:

  • A signed Service Agreement between you and your customer (or nominee), stating you’re allowed to collect sensitive information and outlining your commitment to keep this information safe; or
  •  A signed Consent form from your customer (or nominee) giving you consent to access their Plan Partners Dashboard. 

Please send us your legal authority to

Once we’ve received your documents, we’ll set you up in our system and send you an email 'Your Plan Partners Dashboard is activated' with a link to access your Support Coordinator Dashboard.

The Parent/Guardian Dashboard

How can I see the details of another NDIS participant?

After logging in, just below the menu you will see a blue bar containing the name of the person whose details you can see. Click or tap their name to select another person’s details.

There is a person missing. Why?

As a plan nominee, you must be authorised to see and work with a person’s NDIS plan. There are a few reasons why you may not be able to see someone’s name in your dashboard, such as:

  • They may not be plan managed by us
  • Their account hasn’t been associated with your Dashboard
  • You are not set up as a Plan Nominee in their NDIS plan

Contact us to discuss what we can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

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