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How to get your invoices paid in 4 business days

How to get your invoices paid in 4 business days

27 June 2019

Plan Partners is pleased to introduce our new Fast Payment System – a streamlined way for service providers to create and submit invoices, which allows them to be paid within 4 business days. 



What is the Fast Payment System?

The new system makes it a lot easier for the thousands of service providers who work with Plan Partners to create and submit invoices for their Plan Managed customers.

It greatly reduces the time and steps taken to submit an invoice and provides helpful tools to look up NDIS items, select customers and generate a valid invoice number. The system immediately confirms if an invoice complies with NDIS requirements and is ready for submission to the NDIS for approval.

The Fast Payment System is available online through Plan Partners’ Service Provider Dashboard, where service providers can also track the status of their invoices.


How does it work?

Powered by our Dashboards, the Fast Payment System fast-tracks Step 2 in our invoice payment process. This reduces payment time from within 7 business days to within just 4 business days. Learn more about our invoice payment process here.


Plan Partners Invoice Payment Process


How to use our Fast Payment System

To use our Fast Payment System, providers have to follow these two steps:

Step 1: Activate your Dashboard: If you haven’t yet accessed your Plan Partners Provider Dashboard, activate it by giving us a call on 1300 333 700 or send an email to and let us know you’d like to do so. You’ll need to choose a single email address and password for your organisation.

Step 2: Submit an invoice: Once you’ve activated your Dashboard, submitting an invoice using the new system is easy. Just log in to your Plan Partners Dashboard and click ‘Submit Invoice’. Our handy online prompts will make sure that all the details you need to ensure your invoice is paid by the NDIS will be automatically included.

Remember, once you’ve submitted your invoice on the Dashboard, you do not need to send it in to us via email. The Dashboard does it all!


Can I still email invoices?

Service providers are still welcome to send their invoice (in PDF, Word or Excel format) to us at as well. As our team then needs to manually file, review and validate their invoices, it will take longer – up to 7 business days – to get them paid.

Click here for more information about Plan Partners’ payment process and how to access the Fast Payment System.


Our commitment to you

The introduction of this system is another important step in our ongoing commitment to our network of providers - to support them as they support others. As we understand how important cash flow is for service providers, we are very committed to making sure that service providers are paid promptly. It is also a commitment in our Customer Charter that our customers should not have to worry that payment of their invoices will affect the continuity of the supports they receive.


More information

For more information about accessing the Fast Payment System, contact our team on 1300 333 700 or   


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