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How the NDIS funds dancing lessons

Updated 3 March, 2020
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Dancing might not be the first thing that springs to mind when people think of the NDIS, but it’s something we’re frequently asked about here at Plan Partners. Not only are dancing lessons lots of fun, they can also offer many other benefits for people with disability.

Because of this, the NDIS can provide funding to help you join a dance class; either by funding the lesson itself or by assisting you getting to and from class. As with any support, the NDIS will fund it if it can be considered reasonable and necessary (more about this here) and linked back to the goals in your NDIS plan.


Funding your dancing lessons

Dancing lessons are most commonly funded by the NDIS in the support category ‘Increased Social and Community Participation’ (category 9) in your NDIS plan. This is a capacity building support that is designed to help you build the skills to participate more in your community.

Keep in mind that dancing is just one of many community activities that can be funded under this category – it can also be used for singing lessons, cooking classes, or any other recreational activities that develop skills to build your independence. 

These dance classes don’t have to be disability specific and there’s also no limit on how much each lesson can cost– all you technically need to do is ensure you have enough in your budget to cover it. Having said that, offering value for money is a key component of whether the NDIS deems something as being reasonable and necessary. If you use all your budget on one or two expensive lessons and can’t demonstrate how they’ve helped you achieve your goals, you might find you don’t get that funding again in your next plan review. 


Support with accessing dance lessons

Another way to get dancing lessons funded by the NDIS, is through the support category ‘Assistance with Social and Community Participation’ (category 4).

This category is meant to make it easier for you to access dance lessons. Generally, it is used to fund a support worker to help you get to and from the classes. As this is a Core Support, you can use budgets from category 1 and 3 to fund it as well.


How to find dancing lessons in your area

You can find dancing lessons in many ways: Google, Facebook – or ask your friends and family. If you’re looking for dancing lessons for people with a disability specifically, your Local Area Coordinator might be able to help, or you can search on online platforms such as Clickability and MyCareSpace.

If you have Support Coordination in your plan, you don’t have to do it yourself – your Support Coordinator can help you finding and connecting you to the right class for your needs.

However, take into account that many dance studios or teachers aren’t registered with the NDIS. If your funding is NDIA managed, you won’t be able to access them with your NDIS funds. However, Plan Management allows you to use both registered and unregistered providers (more about that here), so can help you access a much larger selection.


More information?

If you’d like to speak with someone to discuss how you can access dancing lessons with your NDIS funding, just contact our helpful team on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we will contact you.


Top Tips

  • The NDIS can fund dancing lessons, and other community-based activities, under Increased Social and Community Participation. This category is designed to help you build the skills to participate more in your community, so focus on this in your NDIS planning meeting.
  • You can also get funding for dancing lessons through the category Assistance with Social & Community Participation, generally meant for someone to support you with accessing the dancing lessons.
  • The NDIS will only fund it when the lessons are considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ and tied back to the goals in your NDIS plan. Lessons should offer value for money and deliver outcomes, or else you might struggle to get them funded again in your next NDIS plan.
  • A lot of dance teachers aren’t NDIS registered, so Plan Management can let you access their lessons.
  • As with all things NDIS, there are many ways to access the supports you want. If you have any questions about what your funding can be used for, contact our helpful team!  


This is the eighth article in our ‘Making the NDIS work for you’ series, in which we tackle how the NDIS funds all kinds of different supports. Read the other articles here:


Do you want to know more about each of the 15 Support Categories of an NDIS plan? Our handy Understanding Your NDIS Plan page explains it all.



Plan Partners is Australia's leading expert in NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination, supporting thousands of people all over Australia bringing their NDIS plan to life - and we can help you too.

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Luke Polzin (not verified)   17th January, 2020

Hi we are just wanting details on how our dance school can become apart of the ndis

Plan Partners logo
pmp.admin   17th January, 2020

Hi Luke,
Thanks for your comment on our website. You don't have to become a 'part of the NDIS' to support NDIS participants. Our eBook 'Working with the NDIS' describes step by step how to work with the NDIS, including how to invoice under the NDIS.
Just download it here:
If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly team supports thousands of organisations working with the NDIS and we're here to help you too.
Warm regards,
Stefan from Plan Partners

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