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How to Request a Review of your NDIS Plan

Updated 14 December, 2020
Quoc and his Support Coordinator reading over his NDIS plan.

So you have your NDIS plan, but there’s something not right or you’re not completely happy with. Did you know you can request a review of your plan at any time?

5 simple steps: Requesting a plan review

Firstly, it’s important to point out that not all plan reviews have a positive outcome. Your review might be rejected and - in some extreme cases - it might even result in your funds being reduced. So, be sure you only ask for a review if you’re confident that it’ll have a good outcome.

If you’re confident to proceed, your first step should be contacting the Local Area Coordinator (LAC) you had your initial planning meeting with. For some specific situations, they can adjust your plan right then and there. If they can’t make the change themselves, don’t despair - here’s how you go about requesting an official review of your NDIS plan.

Step 1. Research

Before you request a review, it’s important you familiarise yourself with the NDIS’s policy around ‘reviewable decisions’. If you don’t agree with a decision the NDIS has made about your plan, you’re able to dispute it - first with the NDIS itself, and then through an external tribunal, if you still feel the matter hasn’t been resolved. Learn more about reviewable decisions via the NDIS website.

Step 2. Writing your Request for a Review

The best way to request a review of your NDIS plan is to use the ‘NDIS Reviewable Decision Form’, available on the above NDIS page. Take your time to fill out each section carefully, paying particular attention to Part C, “What are the grounds for this review?”  This is your chance to make your case, so be sure to clearly state that the review concerns your NDIS plan, and go into detail on why you disagree with the NDIS’s decision. While it might be an emotional subject, try to focus on the practical issues you’d like to change and avoid using  emotive language.

If your review concerns the request for Plan Management, you will need to specifically ask for it - please note that Plan Management will be featured in the category ‘Improved Life Choices’ in your plan. And remember, apart from a couple of rare circumstances, it is your legal right to get Plan Management included in your plan. Please see the content of our handy 'Request for Plan Management' form to help you formulate your request.

Requesting Support Coordination works a little differently, as it’s subject to whether the planner thinks it is reasonable and necessary for you to receive these supports.  You will need to prove your eligibility by focusing on why you’d benefit from assistance with finding and connecting with service providers in your area.   

Step 3. Submitting your Request for a Review

There are several ways to submit your request:

  • talking to someone at an NDIS office
  • calling give the NDIS a call on 1800 800 110
  • sending an email to:
  • or sending it by post to: Chief Executive Officer National Disability Insurance Agency, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601.

We strongly recommend you to always send your request in writing (either by email or post) and also send your Local Area Coordinator a copy and ask them to acknowledge that they’ve received it. As with all important paperwork, be sure to also keep a copy for your own records.

Step 4. Talking to the NDIS

While it might take the NDIS a while to get back to you about your request (sometimes even 2 to 3 months), if it’s been over 16 business days and you still haven’t heard back, contact them and ask about the status of your review. You can also ask your LAC about your request if you’d prefer.

In some instances, the NDIS may need more information before they can assess your request. If that’s the case, you can request a face to face meeting to explain why you’re not happy with your current plan and why you’ve requested the change. Make sure you have any supporting documentation that might help your case with you during any follow up discussions. If you’re a little nervous or feel you’d benefit from having a friend or carer there, know that you’re also allowed to take somebody with you for support during the meeting.

Step 5. Check your new NDIS plan

If your request has been approved, you should request a copy of your new plan and double check whether the correct changes have been made.

If any changes have been made to your funding or the types of services covered, be sure to notify any service providers who are impacted by the change.

Don't forger to notify your Support Coordinator and/or your Plan Manager. If you have Support Coordination or Plan Management with Plan Partners, just send your new NDIS plan to and we'll incorporate the changes in our systems. 

Watch Tristram Request a Review

In our vlog series My NDIS Journey, Tristram shares his experience of receiving his very first NDIS plan. Initially disappointed with the outcome, Tristram asks for a formal review of his plan. Watch the videos to see the result of his review and for handy tips on requesting a review. 

Top Tips

  • Your plan review is not guaranteed to have the outcome you want and in some instances it might leave you worse off, so preparation and preplanning is important. 
  • Plan Management is not automatically included in your NDIS plan. If you don’t receive Plan Management but would like to, make sure you explicitly ask to for it in your NDIS Reviewable Decision Form and state it is your legal right to get it included.
  • The NDIS only includes Support Coordination in your NDIS plan if you’re deemed eligible for it. If you’d like to request it in your review, you will need to focus on why you’d benefit from assistance implementing your plan and finding the right local supports for you. If you’ve previously requested Support Coordination as part of your NDIS plan but were rejected, try talking to your LAC about why you might have deemed ineligible and consider this in your plan review.
  • If your request to change your plan is approved by the NDIS, always ask for a copy of your newly updated plan and notify your service providers, Plan Manager and/or Support Coordinator.
  • Be as specific and clear as possible about why you’re requesting the review. Focus on the issues with your current plan, and how it’s negatively impacting your life.
  • If your request is rejected and you’d like to contest the decision, you can contact the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for an external review.

More information

Have any questions or do you need support with requesting a review? We're here to help. Chat with us online or give us a call on 1300 333 700.


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