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How we validate invoices

Published 4 March, 2020
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Invoices are a crucial part of anyone’s NDIS journey. When an NDIS participant receives a support, their service provider will need to create an invoice for the amount of money they’re owed. The NDIS then uses the information on this invoice to pay the service provider using the NDIS plan’s funding.


If there are any mistakes or missing information on the invoice, the NDIS will not pay the service provider. This could cause all kinds of issues and might result in a disruption of supports in the longer term. As a Plan Manager our role is to avoid these issues as much as possible. That’s why we check every invoice before we submit them to the NDIS.


What happens when we get an invoice

As a Plan Manager we are an intermediary between the NDIS participant and their service providers. This article explains exactly what we do to get invoices paid by the NDIS.

Our key role is to check whether the invoice is correct – this is called ‘validating’. When we receive a customer’s invoice, we ‘validate’ this to make sure it meets the NDIS's criteria.


What are the validation criteria?

For an invoice to be paid by the NDIS, it needs to meet their criteria. Here’s what they look for – and how we validate an invoice:

  • Is the NDIS plan active?  

The NDIS can only pay a service provider’s invoice if the customer has an NDIS plan that is currently active. If an invoice covers a period in which an NDIS plan has expired, the NDIS won’t be able to pay it. In these cases, we’ll attempt to renew the plan automatically so the invoice can be paid.

  • Did the service happen during the one plan?  

The NDIS can only pay an invoice using funding from a single NDIS plan. If an invoice refers to an extended period that’s covered by two plans, the NDIS won’t pay it. If this does happen, we’ll attempt to work out how much of the service should be covered by each plan and add these amounts and dates to the invoice so the NDIS can pay it.

  • Is the price right?   

There are limits on how much service providers can charge under the NIDS. These amounts vary depending on the support being delivered and are outlined in the NDIS Price Guide. If a service provider is invoicing for an amount that’s more than they’re allowed to, the NDIS will not pay their invoice. If we identify that a service provider has charged more than the price limit, we’ll ask them to reissue it with the correct amount so it can be paid. Our Fast Payment System prevents service providers from entering an amount that’s over the maximum price, saving even more time.

  • Is there enough money in the NDIS plan? 

The NDIS pays service providers using the funding in the particpant’s NDIS plan, so if there’s not enough money in the appropriate budget to cover the invoice, they won’t be able to. Because of this, it’s important for NDIS participants to actively keep track of their budgets. Plan Partners’ customers get access to their own online Dashboard that makes this easy by giving them a clear, visual overview of your budgets, including how much they’ve spent and how much they have left, so they can spend their NDIS budgets with confidence. If a customer has gone over their budget, we will contact the service provider to inform them of the situation.

  • Is the invoice dated correctly? 

For an invoice to be paid, it must be dated correctly. That means the start date must be before the end date, and the invoice cannot cover a period in the future. If a service provider’s invoice has the wrong dates, the NDIS are unable to pay it.  Our Fast Payment System automatically checks the dates are all correct before sending the invoice to the NDIS.


How our Dashboards can help

There are several ways our newly refreshed Dashboards can ensure service providers are paid promptly and help avoid any unwanted surprises:

  • If a Service Provider submits their invoice using the Fast Payment system in their Dashboard, the above criteria are checked automatically, and the invoice is submitted to the NDIA straight away. This reduces the average time it takes the invoice to be paid from under 7 days to with 4 days.
  • Plan Partners’ customers can track their budget in their own Dashboards, which gives them visibility over how much of their budgets they have left and puts them in control of your spending.
  • Once an invoice has been submitted to the NDIS, both customers and service providers can use the Dashboard to track its status. The Dashboard also displays a reason when an invoice is invalid.   


More information?

If you’d like to speak with someone about how we process invoices or find out more about our Dashboards,  just contact our helpful team on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we will contact you.




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