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Digital Marketing/UX Specialist

"Most of all, remember that it’s your life and your NDIS plan. You have the power."

What is your role with Plan Partners?

I work in the marketing team and I wear a few different hats.

I look after our digital advertising, our website experience and how we appear in search results, so that people can find us easily and quickly. I also research and design many aspects of our Dashboard, testing ideas with customers and working to give them the best experience.

What did you do before Plan Partners?

I have worked in a number of disciplines, for companies in publishing, media, advertising and not-for-profit.

What has been your favourite Plan Partners moment?

A tricky question, as there’s been quite a few. One of the things I love about Plan Partners is that everyone in our team puts the participants above all else. Through customer feedback we realised that the NDIS Price Guide can be tricky to understand and use. Due to this unrelenting focus on helping NDIS participants, everyone got on board with finding a solution. Within a few weeks, the NDIS Price Guide Navigator was born.

What drives you?

I am very privileged to live the life I do and I am driven to use my skills and knowledge to help others live more enriching lives. Whilst marketing may not immediately seem like the kind of job that provides these sorts of opportunities, I assure you it can. Me and the rest of the marketing team work hard to understand the needs, frustrations and goals of our customers and then find innovative ways to address them.

What advice would you give someone starting their NDIS journey?

Because there’s so much to know about how the NDIS works, I’d suggest starting with what you know and building on it piece by piece. For example, try to learn how your service providers are paid and where in your plan the money comes from. After this, explore whether there’s any other categories in your plan that could fund them and so on – gradually you’ll build your knowledge and confidence. Most of all, remember that it’s your life and your NDIS plan. You have the power.

What has been your favourite story with a customer?

I did an interview with a person with visual impairment, to understand their experience using our digital tools. This customer was quite frank, not hesitating to tell me where we weren’t meeting her needs. As we were chatting, it hit me just how vastly different her lived experiences were to my own. I spent most of the time listening, furiously taking notes, which evolved into a plan for improving our tools. It’s one of my favourites because it was so humbling and reinforced in me just why I love what I do.

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