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Jason's Story

Jason's Story

For almost as long as he can remember, Jason has had two passions in life: photography and wildlife. Now, with the support of the NDIS and Plan Partners, he’s living his dream – photographing wildlife whenever he can.

“My biggest concern going into the NDIS was that I might lose some of the supports I had been receiving and meant so much to me. Besides my photography, I volunteer at the Zoo and the Kershaw Gardens. Things I couldn’t do without my support workers. So, you can imagine my relief when it came through that I wasn’t going to lose any of my supports. And in fact, it got even better.

“Shaky hands are the last thing you want when taking photos. But, having tried medication with little success, I thought my tremors were just something I would have to put up with forever.

Mandy, my Plan Manager and Support Coordinator from Plan Partners, helped me find a good Occupational Therapist, who gave me weighted wristbands. I was a little sceptical at first, but when I put them on I was so surprised: My tremors stopped instantly! For the first time in years my hands weren’t shaking. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that tears of joy ran down my face – I just couldn’t believe it.

 “I’m now so excited for what the future holds and what barriers I can smash through. With the support of the NDIS and Plan Partners, I’ve unlocked a whole new world of specialists and professionals that will help me live my life free from the barriers that were once in my way.

“From my health, to my social life and my photography skills, I can’t wait to keep achieving even more of my goals.”

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