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Jaydon's Story

For his whole life, Jaydon has relied on his mother for support. And while he couldn’t have wished for a more caring or dedicated carer, having to always call on her took its toll and made him stressed.




This, coupled with a broken wheelchair, meant Jaydon started leaving his house and interacting with people less and less.


But since he accessed the NDIS four months ago, he managed to turn his life around and get out and about much more. With the support of Courtney, his Support Coordinator from Plan Partners, he is using his NDIS funding to access more supports than just his mother, giving both of them a much needed break. Using the online platform Mable, Jaydon was able to find and connect with the perfect support worker for his situation, Raechel, and now the pair often visit Brisbane’s fun and bustling South Bank – a favourite of Jaydon’s.


Jaydon says that Courtney has been a life saver, giving him back his independence and connecting him with support workers that help him stay active and social by taking him to the gym, the pool and out for lunches. She has also helped him get a new, more reliable wheelchair.


Courtney has seen a major change take place in Jaydon during his time on the NDIS. While he was initially wary of the NDIS, he has overcome his reservations and fully embraced it. He’s now much more outgoing, open, and a happier person.


As Jaydon says,

"Before I had the NDIS, I was stressed. I felt bad because it was all on my mum. But now it’s a fantastic feeling to know that are people out there willing to give me a go and help me get out and about. They’re so understanding, and that’s really touching."


Watch the video with Jaydon, Courtney and Raechel here.

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