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Plan Supporter | VIC

'Knowing that I’ve helped get an invoice paid as quickly as possible so a customer can keep receiving their support is a great feeling'


What is your role in Plan Partners?

I work in the Plan Supporter team, where I process invoices and make sure they contain all the information that the NDIS needs. We make sure everyone’s paid as soon as possible and without stress, to help ensure there’s no disruption to anyone’s supports.


What did you do before Plan Partners?

I was lucky enough to have every kid’s dream job - working in a toy library! As the City of Port Phillip’s toy library coordinator I was in charge of the library’s operations and finances, but I also had the fantastic opportunity to participate in various community and fundraising events.


What is your favourite Plan Partners moment?

It’s the small, everyday victories that I really enjoy - such as noticing a small mistake on an invoice that would have meant it was rejected by the NDIS. Knowing that I’ve helped get an invoice paid as quickly as possible so a customer can keep receiving the support to achieve their goals is a great feeling.


What drives you?

Just being able to be a part of organisation that helps people to get the most out of the NDIS is extremely inspiring, and I consider myself lucky to contribute to that. The positivity and sense of community within Plan Partners makes coming into work a joy as well.


What advice would you give someone who is starting NDIS journey?

The NDIS can be quite overwhelming at the start, with no shortage of seemingly contradictory information out there. But speaking to an expert, like the Plan Partners team, can help strip away a lot of that confusion and help you focus on the more important stuff. Just like you wouldn’t go on a trip in a new country without taking a map, you don’t need to navigate the NDIS on your own!

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