Did you know that your Core Supports budget is the most versatile? If you have Core Supports in your NDIS plan, you can use your budgets in so many creative ways. While this allows you to get creative, some people can also find it a bit overwhelming. So, to help you think outside the box a little bit, we’ll explore some of the more creative ways you can use your Core Supports budget.

What are Core Supports?

Core Supports are one of the NDIS’s three support budgets – the other two being Capacity Building Supports and Capital Supports. 

Core Supports assist you with everyday activities and the basic support you need to live your life and achieve your goals.

This can include things like house cleaning if your disability prevents you from cleaning the house, purchasing continence pads, or having a support worker accompany you on your shopping trip.  

Importantly, your Core Supports budget is flexible. This means that you can use your funding across all of your Core Supports categories (except for Category 2 – Transport). This flexibility opens up many exciting possibilities.

What can I spend my Core Support budgets on?

There are lots of things you can purchase with your Core Support budget. We’ve mentioned a few of the more common ones above, so let’s take a look at some more creative ways you can use your Core budget.

  • iPads and tablets: Do you want to access services (like therapy sessions) remotely but don’t have a device that allows you to? Good news – you may be able to use your Core budget to purchase an iPad or tablet to do so. If you’re a Plan Partners customer, we’ve partnered with Officeworks to make it even easier for you. All you need to do is choose the item, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Respite care: A stay in specialist Short Term Accommodation (STA) can give both you and your informal support network a well-earned break. You can use your Core Supports budget to pay for a stay in STA, which includes the support you receive in there and any activities the facility offers.  

Flexibility and fund management options

One important thing to keep in mind is that you can only use Core Support budgets flexibly if they’re managed the same way. So, if you plan manage some and self manage another, you will not be able to pay for a plan managed category using the funds from the category you self manage. For this reason, we recommend you use the same management option for all your Core Supports.

Staying up to date with flexible funding

The NDIS often make changes on which supports can be accessed flexibly with your Core Supports budget.

For example, in response to COVID-19 they introduced flexible funding for iPads (among other changes).

To make the most out of your funding, keep an eye out for announcements on our website and social media pages. Staying up to date with the latest NDIS news is a great way to bring your plan to life and maximise your funding.