Meet Zac, the host of our popular My NDIS Journey vlog series.

Zac’s no stranger to the camera, having racked up over 5 million views on social media platform TikTok. Now, he’s using his charisma to help shine a light on the NDIS experience as he embarks on his final year of school.

The series follows Zac (and his mum Sarah) as he navigates the complex worlds of the NDIS, aligns his plan’s goals with his post-graduation aims, and enters the next exciting phase of his life: adulthood.

With the support of the NDIS and Plan Partners, Zac has been able to live a much more social life, going shopping, visiting a personal trainer and even taking singing lessons. As Zac and Sarah have become more familiar and confident with the NDIS, they’re excited to see what the future has in store for Zac after he graduates.

Join Zac and Sarah throughout the season of My NDIS Journey, watch the first episode

Watch the full season 1 of My NDIS Journey with Tristram on YouTube