With many providers partially moving their services online, the need for iPads, Galaxy Tabs and other tablets has increased. Fortunately, the NDIA have recognised the vital role these devices play in ensuring you can receive supports, so they have made it possible to pay for them using your NDIS funding – in this article we explore how.

When will the NDIS fund an iPad?

While the NDIS have made it easier to purchase an iPad using your NDIS funds, you still need to be able to show that it’s specifically needed because of your disability and is reasonable and necessary purchase.

To help you determine if that’s the case, ask yourself these two questions. If you answer yes to them and you have enough funding in your plan, then you will likely be able to use your NDIS funding to purchase the device

  • Is the iPad/tablet necessary?
    • Do you need the iPad/tablet to continue accessing existing services, like online therapy sessions instead of face to face sessions? If so:
    • Has your therapist recommended the use of the iPad/tablet?
    • Do you not already own or have access to a device that would allow you to access existing services, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet?
  • Is the cost of the iPad/tablet reasonable?
    • Is it a standard tablet that costs less than $600?
    • If the cost exceeds $600, what feature do you require that is not available on a standard tablet? Do you need this feature because your disability prevents you to use a standard tablet?

For example, if you want to purchase a standard tablet because your therapist is now running all their sessions over video chats and you don’t have a device that lets you join in, your purchase would be considered reasonable and necessary.

How does the process work?

There are several ways to purchase a tablet using your NDIS funds, but here’s an example of how the process works if you’re a plan managed customer with Plan Partners:

  1. Reach out to our team and discuss why you need a tablet and your options
  2. Contact the retailer of your choice and ask for an invoice or quote for the device 
  3. Submit the invoice to Plan Partners for payment from your funding
  4. Once paid, collect your device from the store or arrange for it to be delivered

A quick and easy way: If you are a Plan Partners customer and wish to purchase your iPad or tablet from Officeworks, we've created a quicker and easier way. All you need to do is choose the item, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

The device will be purchased using funding from your Core budget, however if you only have funding in your Capacity-building budget, you can now use a new line item from category 15.

Not plan managed?

If you don’t have a plan manager and are agency managed, you must purchase the device through a registered provider, which can limit your options.

Fortunately, the NDIA have also made it easier to switch to plan management and be more flexible with how you use your funding.

Can the NDIS pay my internet bill?

No, you cannot use your NDIS funds to pay for your internet bill. While you might need the internet to access remote therapy, it’s considered an everyday expense and as such it’s not reasonable and necessary for the NDIS to pay for it.

The NDIS also won’t fund additional accessories such as cases and warranties, as they are not related to a person’s disability.