We sometimes get questions from people wanting to know if the NDIS funds sex therapy and family planning, so we’ve put together this article about sex therapy, family planning and the NDIS. 

The NDIS, family planning and sex therapy

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruled that it is ‘reasonable and necessary’ for sex therapy to be funded under the NDIS. Sex therapy is a type of counselling that helps people overcome any sexual issues they’re having; either as an individual or as a couple.

A sex therapist may:

  • discuss things like attitudes towards sex
  • provide sexual education or practical advice, or
  • recommend activities that can help people achieve their sexual goals that are otherwise not possible due to their disability.

Similarly, family planners can provide specialist advice on reproductive and sexual health and are also able to be funded under the NDIS. A sex therapist is not a sex worker and they will not engage in any form of  sexual activity. At this time, you can’t use NDIS funding for sex workers as the NDIA do not consider their services to pass the reasonable and necessary criteria.  

How do I fund a sex therapist under the NDIS? 

Sex therapists and family planners are usually funded under Support Category 15 (Improved Daily Living), which covers most kinds of therapeutic supports.

As with all NDIS supports you must be able to make a case that your need for the support is directly related to your disability and it is reasonable and necessary for you to use your funds to receive either sex therapy or family planning.

Can the NDIS fund specialist equipment? 

Yes, if your sex therapist or family planner makes a formal recommendation that you require a piece of equipment in order to achieve your goals, you are able to purchase it using your NDIS funds. Just get your therapist to record a recommendation in a letter. It will need to meet the standard 'reasonable and necessary' criteria: the support should be directly related to your disability and offer a genuine benefit to your health and well-being.

How do I find a family planner or sex therapist?

There are quite a number of family planning organisations and sex therapists who have experience with people with disability. To ensure you receive the best support for you and professional guidance, we recommend speaking with your GP or Occupational Therapist. They usually have a lot of experience with this subject and should be able to provide you with a list of reputable sex therapists or family planners in your area.

Most specialised family planning organisations will be NDIS registered, but many sole-trading sex therapists are unlikely to be NDIS registered. Plan management can help you use your NDIS funds to access the right therapist for you, regardless of whether they are registered with the NDIS or not. However, you’ll need to ensure their rate is less than the NDIS Price Guide’s maximum price of $193.33 per hour.   

If you have support coordination in your plan, your support coordinator can also help you finding and connecting you with the right family planners or sex therapists for your needs.