We get that understanding the cost of supports and services and how many you can squeeze in within your allocated budgets isn’t easy. That’s why, after extensive market research, we bring you our new NDIS Budget Calculator a handy tool to help you understand the cost of supports according to the NDIS Price Guide. 

Quickly calculate estimated costs for multiple items, so you can work out what supports you need throughout the course of your plan. Better manage your budgets to get the supports you need and make the most of every cent available to you!

“I’ve just used NDIS Budget Calculator to review my daughter’s funding and discovered we were under-utilising by $9,000. With the calculator, I was able to add an additional $7,000 towards water-based therapy bringing us to about 95% of budget utilisation – it’s a really great tool!” Bonnie Mooney, NDIS Parent 

How it works in 4 steps

  1. Select your state (NDIS price limits vary depending on where you live)

  2. Select the category your support comes under (our Price Guide Navigator can help!)

  3. Search for your support using a simple keyword, support name or line item number

  4. You can now add your item and start calculating!

The Quadruple Wow Factor

NDIS Budget Calculator has been carefully designed to give you flexible calculating options so have instant visibility over costs to better manage your budgets –

  • Use the amount provided (pulled directly from the NDIS Price Guide) or enter a custom amount if you know the cost of your support

  • Enter quantity of hours needed and frequency of supports to get accurate cost estimates over time

  • Add more items as needed to make sure you make the most of your budgets under your chosen category

  • View, print or download a summary of costs to compare with your NDIS plan and make sure they align with your budgets

Also available as a Quick Calculator

NDIS Budget Calculator can also be used in conjunction with our Price Guide Navigator, so you can easily retrieve details for a support or service and calculate costs - all from the ​same place!​

As leading plan managers within the NDIS space, we see it as our responsibility to share our knowledge, insights and capabilities to create tools and resources - like our Budget Calculator - that give you better visibility and control over your budgets.