If you pay for an NDIS support with your own money you probably want to get reimbursed by the NDIS as quickly and easily as possible.

So let's look at how you can take the hassle out of getting reimbursed - and even get reimbursed in just one business day!.

What are reimbursements?

A reimbursement is the action of repaying someone. In the context of the NDIS, this occurs when you’ve paid for a support using your own money and want the NDIS to pay you back out of your NDIS budgets.

Which things can you be reimbursed for?

You can be reimbursed for nearly every NDIS support, as long as you have the funding in your NDIS plan for it and the NDIS considers it reasonable and necessary.

There are several reasons you might request a reimbursement, for example:

  • When buying ‘off the shelf products’ such as continence items, that you need to purchase yourself at the checkout.
  • When dealing with smaller service providers, such as a gardener, who prefer to be paid straight away rather than go through the formal NDIS invoicing process.

How can Plan Partners help?

Plan Partners is one of the few Plan Managers that can help you claim reimbursements with the NDIS. Rather than having to deal with the NDIS, you can send your reimbursement request directly to us and we’ll handle the rest. In addition, we’ve simplified the reimbursement process, so you get your money back within the next business day, instead of having to wait for several days.

How do you submit a request?

The quickest and easiest way to get reimbursed through Plan Partners is by using your Dashboard or App. This allows you to submit a request for reimbursement (along with an invoice and proof of payment) digitally and then track the status of your request to see when you’ve been paid.

We also offer a reimbursement form that you can submit via email to [email protected], however this takes longer to be processed – meaning you won’t get your money back as quickly.

When will you get your money?

If you submit a valid reimbursement request through your Dashboard or App, you should receive your money back the next business day.