Running a business that supports NDIS participants and carers can be extremely rewarding – but it’s not without its challenges.

The start of a new year is a great opportunity to think about how you can grow your business and take things to the next level.  

This guide covers some of the quick and easy things you can do to put your best foot forward. With a basic strategy in place, 2022 can be a successful year, for both your business and its customers.    

Marketing tips

Customer feedback

Do you have a good idea of how your customers feel about your services? Could you be making small changes that will have a big impact? Successful businesses make decisions based on real feedback, not guesses. So if you’re not already, make this year the one you start asking your customers about their experiences and how they’refinding things – the results might surprise you.

To do: Set up a simple survey, either using an online service like Survey Monkey, or by emailing customers asking for their feedback. Ask questions that will help you understand what’s working and what could be done better, so you can identify trends that will help you improve or evolve your business.

Events to attend or participate

Industry events are a powerful way to connect with other businesses and potential customers. Whether you want to present, take out a stand, or just attend to learn and be inspired, there are no shortage of upcoming conferences and other events focussed on the disability sector. Many events now also have an online component, so you’re no longer limited by geographical location.

To do: Get Googling and find some upcoming events that you think would be beneficial for you and your business. If you want to present or have a stand, look into how you can apply sooner rather than later, as it’s not unusual for these spaces to fill up early.


As with nearly everything in this day and age, when people are looking for a new NDIS service provider they’ll turn to the internet. Make sure your business isn’t left behind by ensuring it’s listed on any online directories, like Clickability, and that your info is complete and up to date.

To do: Set aside some time to search online disability focussed directories to make sure you’re included in all relevant sections. If not, contact them to get your business added. Don’t forget state government and council directories.

Investing in you

Courses to grow

No matter where we are in our life and career, there’s always new things to learn. Fortunately, there’s also never been an easier time to learn, with a plethora of online and in person courses available on all sorts of topics. From getting a better understanding of the NDIS, to finding efficiencies in how you run your business, a short course could be just what you need to grow your business this year.

To do: Why not look for short courses that fit in with your busy schedule. It’s much easier these days with options to sign up online and take classes at your own pace and at a time that suits. Don’t forget, most training is tax deductable too.


If you’re feeling snowed under or just need a bit more time to focus on another part of the business (or your health and wellbeing), it might be time to call in some help. The internet means an expert’s likely just a click away, and freelancers mean you don’t need to commit to long term engagements and can instead list help for a single task or project, like creating a social media ad or cleaning your office.

To do: Work out what tasks are chewing up your time – or those you just don’t enjoy doing – and put an ad on an outsourcing platform, like AirTasker, or to a relevant local Facebook group.

Knowledge is power

Industry news and opportunities

The disability sector reaches far and wide and there are frequently policy changes that you need to be across. This could be legal requirements, changes to how providers can charge NDIS participants, or opportunities for grants to grow your business.

To do: Sign up to industry leaders’ social media channels, social groups, or newsletters to keep up to date with the news and opportunities as they land.