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Plan Partner / Support Coordinator | QLD

"To be lucky enough to have played a part in that positivity is just amazing."


What has been your favourite Plan Partners moment? 

A couple of months ago one of our customers was going through a difficult time with her NDIS plan and supports. We worked through it together and in the end, we got her the assistance she needed. Not only did she gain more mobility and independence, she even went on a holiday overseas for the first time, which also allowed her husband to have two weeks away from supporting her to enjoy his personal interests. Her entire outlook on life changed for the better. To see that positivity radiating out of her - and to be lucky enough to have played a part in that – is just amazing.


What did you do before Plan Partners?

I worked as a Support Coordinator and a support worker for people with a disability, mainly focusing on children. In these roles I gained a very valuable understanding of the sector, but more importantly, I learned just how important it is for children and their families to have strong support networks.


What drives you?

I’m driven by a strong desire to get the best outcomes for people and families as they embark on their NDIS journey. I think it’s so important that people have strong support around them, so I love creating community networks that people with a disability can tap into to improve their quality of life.


What advice would you give someone starting their NDIS journey? 

My biggest bit of advice is to take your time, utilise the supports that are available to you and prepare yourself well for everything. I often tell people that “a good roast takes time and care to get the crackling perfect – but it’s worth it!” Same with your NDIS plan. Be patient, reach out for help when you need it, and you’ll get the most out of your plan.


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