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Michael and Fiona's Story

Michael and Fiona's Story

When Michael’s support workers arrive at his home, they’ll often find him waiting to greet them outside the front door. Instead of waiting inside with his mother, he wants to personally greet them himself - just one of the many ways Michael displays his independence.

“Michael’s now living a life to his potential, following his interests and meeting new people thanks to the NDIS. His social skills have really come a long way and he’s become much less dependent on support from his family,” his sister Fiona said.

Since receiving his first NDIS plan three years ago, Michael has developed the skills needed to live the life he wants and achieve his goals – building his independence. As his skills grew, so did his confidence, and at the beginning of the year Michael went on a holiday with just his support worker; his first interstate trip without a family member by his side.

“The change in Michael’s personality after that holiday was quite amazing. Things like picking up his luggage by himself really gave him confidence,” Fiona said.

As well as being his sister, Fiona is also Michael’s NDIS Plan Nominee. Between a busy work schedule and caring for their aging mother, Fiona knew she didn’t have the time required to become the NDIS expert Michael needed. So, on the advice of a friend, she reached out to Plan Partners for Plan Management and Support Coordination of Michael’s NDIS plan.

“Having a team of experts behind the scenes, making sure Michael gets the most out of his plan without me having to stress about it is such a relief – particularly given how tech-savvy you have to be to navigate the NDIS without support.”

That support became very useful during the COVID-19 situation, as Michael’s Support Coordinator from Plan Partners, Shannelle, helped arrange for meals to be delivered by Kinela when access to food and shopping became increasingly difficult.

“We knew we needed to start doing meals differently, so being able to order them through Kinela has been a real success. Michael is now very autonomous with his meals. He unpacks them every Tuesday when he gets home from his job at Bedford and knows what he’s having, which keeps him organised and in control.”

With the support of his Plan Manager, Tommy, Michael recently purchased an iPad from Officeworks using his NDIS funds. This has helped him to stay connected to people, pursue his interests and build his independence.

“I think the iPad has enormous potential for Michael. He gets development educators to teach him how to use it and there are a lot of benefits from a health and wellbeing perceptive. The iPad links him to the community by downloading apps, like the local library for online books, and connecting him with support workers from Programmed Care and Community Support Inc. He can also email all his family members now, which has reduced his sense of isolation.”

“Having the support of Plan Partners has not only help us find new ways to grow Michael’s independence, it’s also had a really positive impact on our family and my life as well. I feel I don’t have to bring the stress of the NDIS into my personal life, I can just talk to Plan Partners about my stresses.”

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If you’d like to learn more about Plan Management and Support Coordination with Plan Partners. Give us a call on 1300 333 700 or chat with us. We're here to help.

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