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Meet Our Team

Michael T.,  Michael P. and John

Michael T., Michael P. and John

Customer Welcome Officers, VIC

'Creating a positive and encouraging experience for our customers is so important to us and we're driven to make sure we do that every day.'


What is your role with Plan Partners?

We are the Customer Welcome Team. We set up new customers in our system and give them all the information they need to start using our services. We also help with renewing plans and answer questions about our Dashboard - a fantastic tool for getting the most out of your NDIS plan.


What did you do before Plan Partners?

Michael T: Before joining the team, I was a business support consultant for a finance company, which meant I answered customer questions and helped them with any issues they were having. Before that I worked in IT for over 10 years.

Michael P:  I worked as an Administrator in a large finance company, which involved getting emails from customers and making sure they were sent to the right department to action.

John: I worked as an accounts consultant for a novated lease company, where I managed customers’ accounts and assisted with their queries.


What has been your favourite Plan Partners moment?

Michael T: Every month the Plan Partners team gather together to share the latest news and stories from throughout the organisation. There’s such a fantastic energy and I love hearing about all the people we’ve helped to navigate the NDIS.

Michael P: Seeing the winners of our monthly award for going above and beyond is inspiring and a testament to the quality of the people that work at Plan Partners. It really is fantastic to see so many people committed to making a difference in our customers’ lives.

John: I love the company taking the effort in organising events that celebrate the many cultures that exist in our workforce. Understanding each other’s cultures and backgrounds helps bring the team together and creates a productive and engaging work environment.


What drives you?

Michael T: Getting to work for an organisation that truly cares and makes a difference – and knowing that I play a real part in it.

Michael P: Creating a positive and encouraging experience for our customers is so important to me and I’m driven to make sure I do that every day.

John: Knowing that our company is playing a huge part in making the lives of people living with disability easier through our services motivates me to get out of bed each workday.


What advice would you give someone starting their NDIS journey?

Michael T: Ask as many questions as you can and make sure your NDIS plan fits your needs.

Michael P: The NDIS is constantly changing and growing, so there can be some level of uncertainly that revolves around it. Because of that, I ‘d encourage everyone to be open, honest, and ask any questions they may have – even if they seem obvious.

John: If there are any doubts or uncertainty with your plan or the progress of your new plan, ask as many questions as possible. There are no bad questions as the NDIS is still quite new and always changing.

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