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My NDIS Journey

Tristram is a 28 year old NDIS participant-to-be from Brisbane. In this new vlog series, he shares his experiences and gives handy tips through every step of his NDIS journey.



Latest Episode


Episode 0: Meet Tristram

Meet Tristram, a 28 year old NDIS participant-to-be.

Latest Episode

Episode 1: Preparing for my planning meeting

Tristram explains why it is important to prepare well for your planning meeting - and how to best do this!

Latest Episode


We follow Tristram going into his planning meeting and afterwards. How did his meeting go?

Latest Episode

Episode 3: Managing my NDIS funds

While waiting for his NDIS plan, Tristram explains the three different options for managing your NDIS funds - a very important decision to make!

Latest Episode

Episode 4: Receiving my NDIS plan

Tristram receives his NDIS plan - and is very disappointed. Find out what he does next.

Latest Episode

Episode 5: Result of my review

After going through the plan review process, Tristram receives his new NDIS plan!

Latest Episode

Episode 6: NDIS Core Supports

Latest Episode

Episode 7: NDIS Capital and Capacity Building Supports

Latest Episode

Episode 8: Looking Back at My First NDIS Year

Latest Episode

My NDIS Journey is produced by Dower Productions

Watch all episodes here or on the Plan Partners YouTube channel


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