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NDIA release new NDIS employment strategy

NDIA release new NDIS employment strategy

13 November 2019

Creating employment opportunities for people with disability is one of the cornerstones of the NDIS. Yet despite this, only 24% of working-age participants are currently engaged in paid employment. 

Recognising this, the NDIA have released the NDIS Participant Employment Strategy 2019-2022.


What is the Participant Employment Strategy?

The Participant Employment Strategy looks to improve the employment opportunities for people with disability, with a goal of increasing the employment rate amongst NDIS participants to at least 30% by June 2023.

Over this three-year period, the Strategy will seek to gradually improve choice and control for NDIS participants, encourage them to talk about work, identify their support needs for work, and deliver better services.


How the NDIA will increase employment

To do this and achieve its 30% goal, the Strategy outlines 5 focus areas:

  1. Participant employment goals and aspirations in NDIS plans, with LACs focussing more on employment goals during planning meetings.

  2. Participant choice and control over pathways to employment, making clearer the link between community participation and employment, and identifying what people need to build their skills and be ready for work.
  3. Market developments that improve the path to paid work and support the career development of NDIS participants, including a review of NDIS supports for finding and keeping a job.
  4. The confidence of employers to employ NDIS participants, with the NDIA working in partnership with governments and the private sector to support increased long-term employment opportunities. 
  5. NDIA leading by example as a government employer, employing more people with disability to reach a target of 17% of its total workforce.  


How Support Coordinators and Plan Managers help participants find employment

The Participant Employment Strategy recognises the important role Support Coordinators play and urges planners to include Support Coordination in plans. During year 1 of the Strategy, the NDIA state they will "include support coordination to assist NDIS participants with more complex employment support needs to take the steps to achieve their goals".

Plan Managers also have a part to play, by allowing NDIS participants to access both registered and unregistered providers – something that’s particularly useful when looking for work, as it opens up options such as life and work coaches, private recruitment specialists, career counsellors and employment mentors, many of which are sole traders, self-employed, or independent.

How Plan Partners supports participants in finding employment

Plan Partners looks forward to helping the NDIA put this Strategy into action and supporting our customers to find a job. For more information, we recently published a blog article that provides tips to NDIS participants who are looking to get a job How the NDIS Can Help You Get a Job.


Plan Partners is Australia's leading expert in NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination, supporting thousands of people all over Australia bringing their NDIS plan to life - and we can help you too.

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