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NDIS Price Guide 2019/20: Main changes for NDIS participants

NDIS Price Guide 2019/20: Main changes for NDIS participants

3 July 2019

On 1 July, the updated NDIS Price Guide 2019-20 came into effect, bringing some important changes, including higher maximum rates for certain supports.

The Plan Partners team has received lots of questions about the changes, so we thought we’d gather some of the most common ones together in one place, to help you understand how you might be affected.

What are the main price increases?

  • Personal care and community access: 4.5% price increase. On top of this, providers who are registered (and openly publish their prices and business details) can now charge 7.5% more than unregistered providers.

  • Capacity building supports (including Support Coordination and therapy): 2.3% price increase.

  • Consumables, AT and Home Modification, Specialised Disability Accommodation: 1.3% price increase.

  • Remote loading: Support delivered in remote areas will now have 40% loading applied (up from 20%) and 50% in very remote areas (up from 25%)

For more information about the price increases, check the new Price Guide here or call the NDIS on 1800 800 110.

Will the new prices affect my NDIS funds?

Just as in previous years, the NDIS has announced that they will endeavour to adjust the funding in participants’ NDIS plans to reflect the price increases. This will ensure that the price increases don’t result in a reduction in the number of services that you can afford.

Can my service providers now charge more? 

This depends on your situation. As not all prices have increased, you’ll need to first look at which services you receive and whether there’s been any changes to them in the new Price Guide.

It’s important to bear in mind that even if there has been an increase, if you have a service agreement in place that states the 2018-19 price, your service provider must charge you that price for the remainder of your service agreement. However, some service agreements contain a clause that they can be updated to reflect changes in the Price Guide, so be sure to check for that. Read more about service agreements here

Has Plan Partners incorporated all the changes?

Yes, our teams have incorporated all the changes. If you receive Plan Management, we will continue processing your invoices as normal. If you receive Support Coordination, your Support Coordinator can help you understand how the new Price Guide will affect you.  

Are the new prices reflected in my Plan Partners Dashboard and monthly overviews?

Unlike previous years, all service providers will have to adjust the prices manually in service bookings in the NDIS portal. At Plan Partners we will progressively update these, but it will take some time. This might mean that you experience small discrepancies with how your funding is displayed on your Plan Partners Dashboard and in your monthly overviews. We are working to get this resolved as soon as possible, but it is important to know that it will have no effect on your funding, payments or the services you receive.

Are there any other changes that might affect the services I receive?

Yes, the new NDIS Price Guide contains several changes for what service providers can charge for – one of the biggest being travel. Providers are now able to charge for up to 30 minutes of travel to support in metro areas and up to 60 minutes in regional areas. More types of providers are able charge for travel now too – including Support Coordinators!

Another important change is that there is no limit for the number of cancellations anymore, but more notice is now required for cancellations. There are now two types of late notice cancellations:

  • Less than 2 business days’ notice for a support that is less than 8 hours continuous duration and worth less than $1000

  • Less than 5 business days’ notice for any other support.

Will there be any changes to the Plan Management or Support Coordination services I receive from Plan Partners?

No, there won’t be any changes to the services you receive from us. We will continue supporting you to bring your plan to life and partner with you along your NDIS journey.

Will Plan Partners raise their fees?

Our Plan Management and Support Coordination prices will increase slightly to reflect the new Price Guide. Our fees for 2019/20 are:

  • Plan Management Set Up: $227.53

  • Plan Management Monthly: $102.28

  • Support Coordination: $98.06 per hour.

As always, these fees are covered in the Plan Management and Support Coordination categories of your NDIS plan, so you don’t have to pay them yourself.

More information?

Contact your Local Area Coordinator or the NDIS (1800 800 110) if you would like to know what impact the new prices can have on your plan.

If you’d like to know more about how the price increases impact our services, or would like some independent advice, call our friendly team on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here.

Click here to read our article for service providers about the new Price Guide.

Please note that the information above is based on the knowledge that we currently have about the NDIS Price Guide. While all reasonable care has been taken in producing this information, Plan Partners (Plan Management Partners Pty Ltd) do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information and will not be liable for, or in connection with, any loss or damage suffered as a result of any inaccuracies, errors or omissions or your reliance on this information. Subsequent changes to content on this webpage may occur at any time and may impact on the accuracy of the information.


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