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Nigel's Story

Creating art has always been a powerful coping mechanism for Nigel when times get tough. Unfortunately, he’s had a lot of inspiration to draw from in recent years, almost succumbing to a deadly disease and dealing with mental health issues.




Nigel’s artworks have always reflected the spiritual and emotional journey he’s on. So, when it came time to create his NDIS plan, it’s no surprise that, alongside wanting to become more active in the community, one of his main goals was to be able to continue making art. 


Thanks to art therapy classes at EACH, Nigel has found a way to achieve both of his NDIS goals while taking his creativity to the next level.


These sessions give Nigel the opportunity to make his art in a supportive, group environment – and as a result he’s gradually improved his mental health, coming out of his shell to become a leader and mentor to others in the group.


With Plan Partners on board as his Plan Manager, Nigel can relax knowing that the financial management of his NDIS plan is in safe hands and he’s getting the most out of his funding. Freed from the burden of administration, Nigel has also been able to fully focus on his art and has recently had several of his pieces featured at large exhibit as part of International Day of People with Disability.  


Nigel encourages other NDIS participants who struggle to find their way through the NDIS to ask for help when they need it.

“Many people don’t realise that there are organisations like Plan Partners out there that can help – and not always in a way that you would expect. They can show you a different path you might not have thought of yourself. And if Plan Partners can do that for you, fantastic. That’s all you need.”

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