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Plan Partners release Easy English NDIS Guides

Plan Partners release Easy English NDIS Guides

14 February 2018

Plan Partners announces a new series of Easy English guides to the NDIS, which are set to make life easier for participants that are having trouble understanding how to manage their NDIS plans, due to intellectual disabilities or other comprehension issues.

To support those with low English literacy, Easy English is a style of writing that has been developed to focus on clear and concise information assisting readers of all levels.

The guides were created by leading provider of NDIS plan management, Plan Partners, in response to a growing number of enquiries from people who were struggling to understand existing written materials on how to bring their NDIS plans to life.

The four guides use simple language, highly legible font, and illustrations to explain the often-misunderstood topics of plan management and support coordination.

Plan Partner’s CEO, Sean Dempsey, says the Easy English guides should provide much needed support to those that need it most, helping them to get the most out of the NDIS.

“With so many complex components, the NDIS can be overwhelming for participants and their families to navigate. For people with intellectual disabilities, or that speak ESL and struggle with English, the challenge is greatly increased, Dempsey said. 

“After hearing repeatedly from our customers that there was a lack of Easy English materials out there, we decided to do something about it and enlisted some expert support to turn some of our most popular guides on plan management and support coordination into an easy to understand format. 

“It was important to us that, while simple, the guides weren’t simply diluted versions of the originals and still contained all the important information people need to make informed choices.

“Our aim at Plan Partners is to help people bring their NDIS plans to life and give them the confidence and freedom to realise their goals - these guides are another useful and powerful tool in that mission.”

The four guides include:

  1. About the NDIS
  2. Plan Management
  3. Support Coordination
  4. About Plan Partners

Find all of the Easy English guides and download them for free here.

Find the rest of Plan Partners' NDIS resources here.


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