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Ray and Ada's Story

Ray and Ada's Story

In the 1980s Ray was a very successful chef in Hong Kong, cooking for many big name celebrities – including President Reagan. In 1988, Ray moved to Australia where he met his wife Ada. Unfortunately, the family’s life was turned upside down when Ray developed Parkinson’s disease and suffered a stroke in 2015. Rendered immobile and unable to speak, Ray was forced to leave his house and move into a nursing home.


Life in the nursing home wasn’t easy for Ray. Because his disability made communication difficult, Ray found it very hard for him connect with other people. He missed his freedom, and – being a celebrated chef – the food wasn’t up to his usual standards! But, worst of all, Ray hardly ventured outside. Even though Ada visited him regularly, she simply wasn’t able to help him get in and out of his wheelchair or into her car.


But now, with the support of the NDIS and Plan Partners, that’s all changed. Not only did the NDIS provide funding for a physiotherapist, it also allowed Ray to access a support worker who can take him out of his nursing home and into the community. His Support Coordinator from Plan Partners managed to find the perfect support worker for his situation. Not only does his support worker speak Chinese, he is also strong enough to support Ray and take him around town, giving him back his much-needed freedom.


Together with Ada, Ray and his support worker now regularly make trips to the shopping centre, the park or to visit family and friends. And at long last, Ray’s been able to get some authentic Chinese food from his favourite restaurant again.


Ada says:

In the beginning I had no idea what the NDIS was about or how it could help Ray with his needs. I didn’t understand all the information in English and was worried and that it might cause nothing but trouble. I was so happy to find my Support Coordinator from Plan Partners. He was able to explain everything in my own language and make it a lot less scary, and even found a support worker who speaks Chinese.”


“Ray and I both feel safe and comfortable now. Back then, Ray was stuck in his nursing home not doing much at all. Ray is so much happier now he is out and about in the community again - and I worry a lot less about him!”

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