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Working with the NDIS: Responsibilities and obligations for service providers

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At Plan Partners, we support thousands of providers navigate the NDIS all over Australia. If you’ve just started providing services to NDIS participants, it can be confusing what your responsibilities and obligations as a provider of NDIS services are.

Whether you’re registered with the NDIS or not - if you’re providing services to NDIS participants, the NDIS has stated some clear responsibilities and obligations. We expect the providers who work with Plan Partners to oblige to these as well. 

Your responsibilities as a Service Provider

The NDIS Code of Conduct sets expectations for appropriate and ethical conduct in delivery of supports and services. Your responsibilities as a service provider under this code include:

  • Providing goods and services funded under the NDIS guidelines of Reasonable and Necessary.’
  • Providing ATO compliant tax invoices for goods and services that have been delivered to an NDIS Participant.   
  • Maintaining appropriate records or evidence that the supply of goods or services have been delivered. 
  • Maintaining current Working With Children checks (or equivalent in your state or territory) in the event you are providing direct supports to a child. 
  • Keeping Plan Managers such as Plan Partners updated for any administrative changes to your business, including bank account details, key contact personnel and business name changes. 

In additional to this, we recommend you:

  • Create a service agreement between you and any NDIS participants you represent. This means you can formally agree to the terms of your services to each participant, including the price or rate of the service you provide, and the number of times services will be provided over the NDIS Plan period.  Once you send the signed service agreement, Plan Partners can quarantine those funds to ensure your invoices get paid.  Learn more about service agreements.
  • Have in place an effective dispute resolution procedure for any concerns raised by the Customer in respect of the provision of supports. 

Your obligations as a Service Provider

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent body that works with service providers to ensure participants and providers have support throughout the Scheme. Your obligations under this commission include:

  • All paid and volunteer employees who have more than incidental contact with people with a disability have a National Workers Screening clearance. 
  • All key personnel and employees who have more than incidental contact with people with disability have the necessary experience and qualifications to provider support and services. 
  • Service Providers are compliant with the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct, ensuring the quality and safety of providing supports and services to people with disability. 
  • Service Providers have the relevant insurances, including Professional Indemnity and Public Liability to conduct their business. The Provider will provide Plan Partners with the relevant Certificates of Cover upon request. 

You can learn more about your roles and obligations as a service provider to the NDIS here.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful. Do you have questions?

Our friendly team are happy to answer them. Just give us a call on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we’ll contact you.

Our webpage ‘For Service Providers’ provides all kinds of handy information on working with Plan Partners, including tips how to process invoices and how to organise your services under the NDIS.



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