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Plan Partner / Support Coordinator

"The positive culture at Plan Partners is what makes me spring out of bed in the morning - and I really think our customers can feel it too!"                           


What is your role with Plan Partners?

I’m a Support Coordinator and Plan Partner in Brisbane. It’s a great combination and I love working closely with both service providers and NDIS participants and helping our customers to bring their NDIS plans to life. There’s never a dull moment in my day, and I’m so lucky I get to meet and work with so many amazing people.


What did you do before Plan Partners?

Previously I worked as a Customer Care Consultant for a large financial management company, working closely with the health sector. I enjoyed my work, but I wanted to be able to use my skills to really make a difference in people’s lives. Now I have that, and every day’s a new adventure.


What has been your favourite Plan Partners moment?

Soon after I joined Plan Partners, I met the rest of the Queensland team at a state meeting and we spend two days sharing experiences and discussing how we could best help our customers. It really hammered home that I was doing something important and working with an incredible team of like-minded individuals who were driven by the same passion. That positive culture’s what makes me spring out of bed in the morning - and I really think our customers can feel it too.


What drives you?

I’m driven by a desire to support people – particularly those who might not be able to ask for help. Reaching out for assistance can be one of the hardest things to do in life, and it’s easy to avoid it altogether and struggle in silence.  To be able to let people know that they don’t have to face things on their own is a great feeling, and I count myself lucky to be able to do this for a living.


What advice would you give someone starting their NDIS journey?

DREAM BIG! The NDIS can really help you reach your full potential and be the best you can be. There is a quote from Dr Seuss that will always stick with me: “Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person, no matter how small.”


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