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Tarron's Story

Tarron's Story

Throughout his life, Tarron (21) has struggled to communicate and connect with others. But now, after entering the NDIS and signing up with Plan Partners, Tarron has completely turned things around and is not only living the life he wants, he’s doing it all on his own terms. 


When Patricia, Tarron’s mother first heard about the NDIS, she was nervous about what the future would bring. Even after attending several educational workshops, Patricia still had a lot of questions and concerns about how to navigate the NDIS and ensure Tarron was getting the best supports possible.


But those concerns melted away once they sat down with Shannon, a Plan Partner and Support Coordinator from Plan Partners. Shannon was able to break things down in plain English and get both Tarron and Patricia feeling confident and excited about life under the NDIS.


Tarron had three main goals he wanted to achieve with the support of the NDIS: to gain his independence, get a job, and have a relationship – three things he’d never had much experience with.


With the NDIS, not only was Tarron able to get funding for an occupational therapist and community activities, Plan Partners also helped him connect with a support worker, John (IDSS), who has a similar age and similar interests. They go to the gym, practice boxing together and the pair quickly became friends. They also attend cooking classes and are always going on exciting, new day trips, which not only gives Patricia a break but helps Tarron “get out there”, she says.


Now, Tarron actively leaves his comfort zone and has been learning many new life skills necessary for one day moving into a place of his own. Tarron has even become the one dragging his support worker to the gym, following the discovery that John is on his way to getting married.


Patricia says she’s seen a massive change in Tarron since the NDIS came about and they connected with Plan Partners. 

"He has the ability now to openly talk and introduce himself to someone he doesn’t know."


With his new-found confidence he even helps out at his favourite café and organised a successful fundraising event, receiving over a hundred donations from local businesses.

"Tarron’s standing taller, speaking louder and isn’t afraid to give anything a go. I’m so proud of him."

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