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Terry and Aaron's Story

Terry and Aaron's Story

With the NDIS and Plan Partners, Terry and Aaron can enjoy time together more.


Like many 21-year olds, Aaron dreams of being independent and making his own way in the world. But, unlike most young men his age, Aaron has severe Autism Spectrum Disorder and requires around the clock support – support his father Terry has provided for the past 20 years.


Now, thanks to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Aaron is on his way to achieving his goal of gaining independence and relying less on Terry.  


Plan Partners have been with Aaron as he embarks on his NDIS journey, managing his plan’s budget, connecting him with the best service providers for his situation, and helping give him the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the NDIS himself in the future.


For Terry, the difference in his son has been night and day.


“Thanks to the support he’s now receiving, Aaron’s confidence is growing and he’s really started to come out of his shell. He now loves going to the park with friends and gets involved in more social events than ever before.”


“Dianne, our Support Coordinator and Plan Manager from Plan Partners, has been amazing for both Aaron and me. Before she came on board, I was a bit overwhelmed by the NDIS and didn’t know where to start, how to organise all the admin or how to get Aaron the right supports.”


“But Dianne explained everything to us and showed us how we can get the most out of Aaron’s NDIS funds in ways that I didn’t think possible. For example, we were able to get funding for a gardener to come and keep the place looking nice and sharp – something I couldn’t do myself as it was always difficult to leave Aaron by himself in the house while I was out in the garden.”


“Aaron is learning a lot of important life skills with the NDIS’s assistance, and he’s already starting to rely less on me. From personal care, such as how to brush his own teeth and shower, to how to express himself clearly, he’s coming along in leaps and bounds.”


“While Aaron’s journey to live independently is going to be a long one, knowing that Dianne and the Plan Partners team are in Aaron’s corner is a real source of comfort – for both of us.” 


Want to know what Plan Partners can do to support you in your NDIS journey? Read more about Plan Management and Support Coordination. Or leave your details with us and our friendly team will contact you.

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