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Understanding your NDIS plan

Do you sometimes struggle to understand what is in your NDIS plan and what supports you can access? This page explains the various support categories, with handy examples and tips how to use your funding.  

If you have any questions about your NDIS plan, contact our friendly team any time. We're here to help. 

What are the types of support in an NDIS plan?

The NDIS offers three different funding types: Core, Capital and Capacity Building. Under these funding types, supports are organised into what the NDIS calls Support Categories. Some of them have pretty confusing names, so here we explain which supports can be funded in each category and provide handy examples:


Core supports

Core supports are basic things you need to live your daily life.



Capital supports

This funding type is for more significant, 'one off' items that support you in your daily life.



Capacity-building supports

This type of funding supports you in building skills to become more independent.


How can I get a specific support funded?

In these articles we explain how the NDIS can fund specific products and services. We give handy insights and tips, so you can make the most out of your NDIS funding! Any questions? Just contact our friendly team!

My plan is not correct. What do I do?

Do you think that your NDIS plan does not accurately outline what you discussed in your planning meeting? Or do you think it’s not right for you in some way?

You can ask for a review within 90 days of receiving your plan. You can find out how to do this here.



How to manage your plan

Now you have your NDIS plan, you can bring it to life! It will be very important how you manage your funds and organise your supports. For many people these are quite daunting tasks, but the good news is that you can get support!

At Plan Partners, we can help you with our two services:

Our team are all experts in the NDIS process. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. Just call us on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here and we'll contact you.

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