A partner you can rely on throughout your NDIS journey

Sometimes, it feels like you’re navigating the NDIS all by yourself. It can be confusing and overwhelming. We offer a true partnership where you can rely on our expertise and support to achieve your goals, however big or small.


Plan Management

Have support managing your budgets to get the most out of your NDIS funds.

Support Coordination?

We work with you one-on-one to find and manage your supports so they're aligned with your goals.


New to the NDIS?

Get the info you need to start your NDIS journey with confidence.

Expertise you can trust

Have peace of mind with an expert team beside you, looking after your interests, getting things done and keeping you in the loop.

Our deep knowledge of the disability sector, local supports and the NDIS will give you clarity and control over your plan and funding.

Nigel standing in front his easel, smiling, with a paint brush in his hand

Thanks to Plan Partners, I can now fully focus on my art. The help is there - sometimes, in a way you might not expect.

- Nigel

Nigel’s story

I can now relax knowing the financial management of my NDIS plan is in safe hands and I’m getting the most out of my funding. I just go to my art class, chat with some great people, sit down and paint a painting.