Working alongside you as your support coordinator

Your dedicated support coordinator, backed by a team of experts, will draw from a deep knowledge of the disability sector, local providers and the NDIS, to help you get the best supports.


In-depth knowledge of supports

Make the best decisions about your supports with the help of our vast network and deep knowledge of local and national providers.


Your own dedicated support coordinator

Your support coordinator will get to know your unique circumstances to give you long-term, tailored support over the course of your plan.


Experts in NDIS plans

Gain greater clarity and confidence as we help you understand your plan, what it covers and how we can help you bring it to life.


Experienced in disability

All of our team have years of experience working in disability and with the NDIS.


Help with plan reviews

Have support managing your plan reviews to navigate changes and ensure your plan reflects your evolving needs.


Committed to you

Our only partnership is with you. Our focus lies solely on your goals and helping you achieve them.

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Plan Partners customers
Catherine sitting in her bedroom smiling with her arms outstretched

I wanted to learn to live independently.

- Catherine

Catherine's story

“Catherine’s much healthier and active than when I first met her, with a rosy glow and big smile. She’s also more independent, open and able to express her emotions. It’s such a joy to see.” Catherine’s support coordinator, Marisa

Catherine chatting to Marissa her support coordinator

How it works

5 key steps to help you gain the confidence and knowledge to achieve your goals.


Getting to know you

Your support coordinator will meet with you one-on-one to explore your goals and needs.


Your Support Coordination Program

Together, you'll create a tailored plan for your short and long-term goals, which will help guide and motivate you moving forwards to achieve them.


Finding the best supports

We'll work with you to identify suitable supports who will be the best fit for you and your life.


Working with you to get the most out of your plan

We'll regularly check in with you to make sure your NDIS plan reflects your evolving needs and goals and support you with any plan reviews.


An informed and confident you

You'll gain the understanding, knowledge and skills over your NDIS plan to have greater confidence and control in your life.

National support, local service

Because we know how important it is to have local connection, we have teams across Australia. So, no matter where you live, we can give you the local service and expertise you need.


What is support coordination?

Your supports play a critical part in your life. But finding, connecting and managing those supports can be time-consuming and daunting at times. As your support coordinator, we work with you over the course of your plan, making sure you have the best supports for your needs, resolving issues and supporting you to achieve your goals.

A smiling Plan Partners support coordinator waving

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For support coordination

The NDIS assesses each case for support coordination individually. Find out how.