Elise's story

At just 5 years of age, Elise experienced her first symptoms of Lupus, an auto-immune disease well-known for attacking the body - and in Elise's case, her spinal cord.  Today, the most important thing for Elise is to be able to get about independently.

Hayley's story

When Hayley received her first NDIS plan, she felt like she wasn't able to do much with it because she was unsure what she could get out of it. Second time round, and with the support of Plan Partners, she understood her options better. Feeling braver, she was able to ask for more funding.

Tim and Tom's story

Housemates Tim and Tom have been friends for over 40 years. The NDIS and Plan Partners helped Tim and Tom connect to a rich variety of supports, so they can get out and about living an active life filled with creativity, adventure walking and volunteer work. 

Jayne’s story

Before receiving NDIS support, the responsibility for Jayne's care lay with her sister, Sheila, who suffered from poor health and feeling exhausted. Through the NDIS, Jayne now has in-home support, giving her sister a break from having to attending to her needs - and allowing Jayne to explore her passion for art.

Andrew's story

Living in remote WA presented problems for Andrew with the NDIS. With the help of his support worker, James, and Dianne his support coordinator at Plan Partners, he was able to build the life he wanted.

Nigel's story

Nigel has plan management with Plan Partners. With support to get the most out of his funds and freed from the burden of administration, he’s been able to fully focus on his supports, especially his art. He recently had several pieces featured at an exhibit for the International Day of People with Disability.

Rose's story

“Rose has plan management with Plan Partners, but probably doesn’t even know it because things tick along so smoothly. As a service provider, I have never come across an easier system. Plan Partners are fantastic - so straightforward and helpful, always happy to answer our questions.”