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"Music for me is a way of escaping, a way of coping with having a disability and for people to see me in a more confident light. I feel like heaps of things are possible with being able to do music." Hayley, Plan Partners' Customer

When Hayley received her first NDIS plan, she felt like she wasn't able to do much with it because she was unsure what she could get out of it. Second time round, and with the support of Plan Partners, she understood her options better. Feeling braver, she was able to ask for more funding.

Hayley has had both plan management and support coordination with Plan Partners for 3 years. 

"Plan Partners have been able to help me go to a more elite school," she says. "They organised my lessons for me, I don't have to stress about any of that.

Plan Partners just make everything easy. They are the only provider I've tried for support and I don't think I'm ever going to try anyone else. I love Plan Partners, they're awesome."

Plan Partners also helped Hayley get a personal fitness trainer funded by the NDIS. Through resistance training and boxing, Hayley was able to build the strength and agility to use a walking frame for increased mobility.

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