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Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management supports you in managing your NDIS funds. Our Plan Management team handles the day-to-day administration that comes with an NDIS plan, such as processing invoices and keeping track of your fund balance.

COVID-19 Update (April 2020):

To help participants continue to access supports throughout this period, the NDIS has temporarily made it easier to switch to Plan Management. To find out more, read our Switching to Plan Management article.

As your Plan Manager, we will offer:


More Choices

Plan Management gives you access to both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.


Our Expertise

You can always contact our friendly team who have a thorough knowledge of NDIS plans and budgets. 


Fast Payment

We get your providers' invoices paid within 7 business days (or 4 business days if they use our Fast Payment System).



You can always track your NDIS budgets and spending in your own online Dashboard.

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How do I sign up for Plan Management?

Signing up for Plan Management with us is very easy. Just click on the link below to fill out our sign-up form online. Alternatively, you can request our friendly team to give you a call.

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What are the costs?

If Plan Management is included in your NDIS plan, there is no cost to you. Just make sure you specifically ask for Plan Management at your planning meeting. You can use our handy Request Form to request it.

What are the options for managing my NDIS Funds?

Plan Management is one of the options for managing your NDIS funds. The other options are:

  • NDIS Managed: getting the NDIS to handle your funds. However, when choosing service providers, you'll be limited to those who are registered with the NDIS. 
  • Self Managed: leaving things entirely in your hands. You’ll have to organise payment of your service providers and manually claim the money back from the NDIS.

Many people choose Plan Management because it offers the most choice and flexibility, saves time and makes managing NDIS funds easy.

With Plan Partners, you can relax knowing that your invoices will be paid quickly (even within 4 business days when your providers use our Fast Payment System).

You'll have 24/7 access to your NDIS budget information with your online Dashboard and can always contact our knowledgeable and experienced team throughout your NDIS journey.

For more information, read this handy blog about the three fund management options. You can also give our friendly team a call on 1300 333 700 or leave your details here:

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Why should I choose Plan Partners?



Our Commitment

We listen to you and understand what you need. You stay in control and make the decisions. 



We help you bring your plan to life based upon what’s best for you – not anyone else.


Local Knowledge

Our team is based all over Australia, which means we have extensive knowledge of local communities and their available services.


More Choices

We give you access to NDIS registered and unregistered service providers around the country, so you can make an informed choice about who supports you.


More Choices

We give you access to NDIS registered and unregistered service providers around the country, so you can make an informed choice about who supports you.

Find out More

If you’d like to get more out of your NDIS plan, learn more about our services or just want some independent, honest advice, we’re always happy to have a chat.

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