How we work with you as your plan manager

As your plan manager, we don't just look after your admin. We give you the support, info and tools, so you can confidently manage your funds to get the supports you need.

Less paperwork and worry

All your NDIS invoices processed accurately and on time, your records stored securely, and any issues with invoices resolved quickly.

Your own online Dashboard

The easy way to manage your budgets. Track spending, approve invoices, get handy tips (and access all this on the go through the app!).

A team of experts

We have years of experience and are fully up to date in all things NDIS to proactively support you to get the most out of your funds.

Super quick reimbursements

Have your out-of-pocket NDIS expenses back in your pocket in just one business day.

Support with your spending

Our monthly overviews and spending alerts will help you use every penny of your NDIS funds to get the supports you need.

Exclusive offers and partnerships

Get unique customer benefits, such as our fast-tracked process for purchasing an iPad through Officeworks.

Sign up to Plan Partners

Signing up with us as a new customer is simple and can be done in just a few steps. Join us. Together, it's possible.

Jayne smiling with a brush in her hand making a piece of artwork

Plan Partners have freed up my time, sorting out all the boring bits of receiving my NDIS funds, so I can concentrate on doing what I enjoy most - being creative.

- Jayne

Jayne’s story

Before receiving NDIS support, the responsibility for my care lay with my sister, Sheila, who suffered from poor health and feeling exhausted. Through the NDIS, I now have in-home support, giving my sister a break from having to work so hard attending to all my needs - and allowing me to explore my passion for art.

Jayne hugging her dog

Keeping you informed every step of the way

As your plan manager, we give you clarity and control over your spending in 3 simple ways:


Plan Partners Dashboard

Your handy tool to view the balance of budgets, check spending and track the progress of payments to your providers.


Monthly overviews

We send you a snapshot of your NDIS budgets every month so you can see how much you have left in each category.


Spending alerts

And if it looks as though you’re spending too much or too little, we let you know, so you can stay within budget.

Discover the Plan Partners Dashboard

Learn all about Plan Partners Dashboard and how you can use it to gain clarity and control over your NDIS funds.

The Plan Partners Dashboard app on mobile and tablet

What is plan management?

Plan management is a bit like getting an accountant to help you with your taxes, only it’s fully funded by the NDIS. You keep full control over your budgets, but we take care of your invoices, and give you expert support to better manage your funds and spending. The other options available to you are to self manage (everything’s up to you) or to have the NDIA manage your funds.


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