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Plan Management

What we can do for you

As your Plan Manager, we help you get more from your NDIS funds - at no cost to you if you have Plan Management in your NDIS plan.

We'll be a trusted partner throughout your NDIS journey, offering accurate answers to all your queries about your NDIS funds. We handle the day-to-day admin that comes with your plan, and help you keep track of your fund balance.

Everything in place to make your NDIS journey easier…

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The best tools and resources

Our easy to use Dashboard and App make it simpler to track your spending, approve and see the status of invoices and access your NDIS plan details on the go.

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Prompt, reliable support

You can always reach out to us for advice and support on your NDIS funds and invoices. Our team has all the handy tips you need.

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Fast and accurate payment

Your NDIS invoices are thoroughly checked and paid quickly by our expert team. If you pay any NDIS expenses paid out of pocket, you’ll be reimbursed the next business day.

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Maximise your funds

We provide handy tips and support you in tracking your funds so you can use every penny of your NDIS funds to get the supports you need.

Signing up with Plan Partners is simple

Sign up online in just a few simple steps. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on 1300 333 700 or chat with us.

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No cost to you

Plan Management is included in your NDIS plan at no cost to you. If you don't have Plan Management in your plan (it should be under 'Improved Life Choices'), all you need to do is request Plan Management with your planner anytime. Feel free to use our handy Request Form.


NDIS Managed, Self-Managed or Plan Managed?

Do you understand the three options available to you? This may help.

NDIS-Managed. With this option, your funds are managed by the NDIS. You can only use NDIS-registered service providers, which many people feel it limits their options. 

Self-managed Everything is in your hands – if you are self-managed, you’re responsible for paying service providers, manually claiming reimbursements from the NDIS and maintain accurate records for at least 5 years.

Plan Management With a Plan Manager, such as Plan Partners, you’ll have an expert on your side that helps you manage your funds. You’ll have access to both registered and non-registered service providers, don’t have to worry about the admin associated with your plan, and can reach out to us any time for support and guidance to get more out of your funds.

Our article What are the options for managing my NDIS funds? explains the three fund management options in more detail.

Latest Episode

In this video Tristram describes the three management types and explains why he chose Plan Management

A partnership you can count on throughout your NDIS journey


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You come first. We listen to your needs, so we can respond with the right advice to help you achieve your goals.



We're here to help when you need us. Just give our friendly team a call, start an online chat or send us an email.



We're experts in the NDIS. We have years of experience in the disability and finance sectors to bring you the most you-to-date and accurate advice and handy tips. 



We’re constantly exploring new ways to make your NDIS journey as simple, supported and enjoyable as possible. 



We’re constantly exploring new ways to make your NDIS journey as simple, supported and enjoyable as possible. 

Need more info?

These handy articles will answer many of your questions about Plan Management:

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