The easy way to manage your NDIS funds

The Plan Partners Dashboard app on mobile and tablet.

Have clarity and control over your funds

Plan Partners Dashboard makes it easy to manage your budgets. Here, you can track your spending, approve invoices and get handy tips along the way.

And because it’s also available as an app, you can access all its features on the go, when it suits you.

Key features and benefits

Everything carefully designed so you can manage your NDIS funds efficiently.


100% compatible

Available on all major devices, including your mobile, so you have 100% flexibility and compatibility.


Better control over invoices

Have a full overview on the status of your invoices. Plus, the option to approve them on the spot before we send them to the NDIS.


Next day reimbursements

If you’ve paid for something out of pocket, submit a request for reimbursement, and get your money back next business day.


Exclusive customer benefits

Get unique offers, such as our fast-tracked process for purchasing an iPad through Officeworks.


Easy access for parents and guardians

See all the NDIS details for those you care for in one central place - and switch between each account in a click.

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