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We can work with you to help your customers achieve important life goals through their NDIS plans. We’ll have your NDIS invoices paid faster, keep you informed about the latest NDIS updates, and support your customers to get the most out of their funds.


We’ve supported thousands of NDIS participants and service providers all over Australia with the NDIS since 2016.

A partnership

We offer a true partnership supporting you to get the best outcomes for your customers.

The best tools

Our tools, such as the Plan Partners Dashboard, are the best in their field, bringing ease and convenience to both you and your customers.

It takes teamwork

We offer support managing your customers’ budgets to keep them on track with their spending.

Knowledge and guidance

Stay in the loop about the NDIS through our newsletters, advice and tips, and extensive Knowledge Centre.

Have questions?

We realise there’s a lot to think about, so feel free to get in touch if you have something you’d like to ask us.

Start a live chat or give us a call us 1300 333 700 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday Melbourne time).

Easier invoicing, faster payments

Plan Partners Dashboard allows you to manage all your invoices plan managed by us in the one place. Through your Dashboard, easily create and submit invoices and get paid in just 4 business days.

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NDIS Price Guide Navigator

Navigate the NDIS Price Guide more easily through our Price Guide Navigator. Find the right NDIS line items and current price limits for your customers’ supports in one simple search.

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Rose exercising with her therapist Susan

Before the NDIS, I was miserable, lonely and unfit. My life since the NDIS is 150 times better. I even dance now… to Tom Jones!

- Rose

Susan at Flex Body

“Rose has plan management with Plan Partners, but probably doesn’t even know it because things tick along so smoothly. As a service provider, the system is really easy to use. Plan Partners are fantastic - so straightforward and helpful, always happy to answer our questions.”

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We're committed to working with you and your customers to make things easier for you both. It's quick and simple for your customers to sign up for plan management with us, or to switch to us from another provider. Let's work together as a team.


Do I need to be NDIS registered?

Service providers aren’t required to go through the NDIS registration process, but doing so can allow you to work with a broader range of customers.

If you’re not NDIS registered, you’ll only be able to work with NDIS participants who plan manage or self manage their funding, but not participants with funds managed by the NDIA. If you are NDIS registered, you can work with all NDIS participants, regardless of how they choose to manage their funding.

What services are covered by the NDIS?

The NDIS covers a wide range of services that vary for each person based on the goals in their NDIS plan. If a support meets the criteria of being ‘reasonable and necessary’ it can generally be covered by the NDIS.

How can I stay up to date with the latest NDIS news and developments?

We regularly post important NDIS updates to our Knowledge Centre. It also features lots of practical articles to help your customers navigate the NDIS.

What’s the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission?

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent body that was created to help improve the NDIS and protect people with disability. As part of this role, it works with providers all around Australia to ensure they deliver a high level of service and support to NDIS participants.

As a service provider, what are my obligations and responsibilities under the NDIS?

All providers who deliver service to NDIS participants must adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct. This sets expectations for appropriate and ethical conduct in delivery of supports and services. Learn more about the full range of responsibilities and obligations for service providers.

How much can I charge for services?

To ensure customers get value for money, the NDIS have set maximum prices for most services and products in their NDIS Price Guide. You’ll need to make sure your hourly rate (including GST) doesn’t exceed the NDIS price limits. Check out our Price Guide Navigator to easily find support items and costs in one simple search.

How quickly will my invoice be paid?

Our Fast Payment System (through your Dashboard) allows you to submit invoices and get paid within 4 business days.

Invoices submitted via email to [email protected] take a little longer to process (up to 7 business days).

Once you’ve submitted an invoice using either method, you can use your Dashboard to track its status.

Why does Plan Partners validate invoices?

The NDIS has tight rules and regulations in place around invoices. As a plan manager, we make sure your invoices are compliant before we submit them for processing, so there’s no delay to payment.

Our Fast Payment System automatically checks invoices have all the correct information so there are no discrepancies before you submit them.

What is a service agreement?

A service agreement is a written contract between you and your customer that describes the services you will provide, how much you’ll charge and other important info. Having a record of this protects both of you from any misunderstanding and allows us to set aside funds needed to cover your services.

How do I submit a service agreement?

You can email us your service agreement signed by you and your customer to [email protected]. We’ll keep it on file if you need it in the future and will also set aside funds from the budget in your customer’s NDIS plan.