Rose's story

“Before the NDIS, I was miserable, lonely and unfit. My life since the NDIS is 150 times better. I even dance now... to Tom Jones.”

Before I got my NDIS plan, I lived in isolation. I never went anywhere or met with anyone. I was physically unfit and, to be honest, miserable. Through the NDIS, I got my Support Coordinator, Katie. She organised my support workers who take me to my appointments including to Mental Health to pick up my medicine. They also take me food shopping and we cook together, which I love because I’m hopeless at cooking!

Katie also put me in touch with the team at Flex Body. And, even though I sometimes show up feeling pretty down, Susan and the team at Flex have changed my life. They peel me out of my morning shell – Susan especially is a great inspiration to me. She gets me going, loosening up all my aches and pains, and strengthening and toning my body. As part of my session, I get to do Pilates – and even dance to my own music (mostly Tom Jones, but occasionally David Bowe or Blondie). I’ve gone down one size, I’m physically stronger and I feel more confident about myself.

Rose and Susan exercising together

Rose has Plan Management with Plan Partners, but probably doesn’t even know it because things tick along so smoothly. As a service provider, the system is really easy to use. Plan Partners are fantastic - so straightforward and helpful, always happy to answer our questions.

- Susan, Flex Body

Having people I can trust and talk to, such as Katie and Susan, has made my life 150 times better. We have banter and laugh together. I’m kicking fitness goals, setting new goals and I feel mentally happier and healthier. My advice for anyone new to the NDIS? Simple. Get supports you connect with and trust.

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