The Christmas season is once again upon us, and while it’s generally a happy time to have a break and celebrate with family and friends, it can present challenges if you have customers still relying on you for services and supports.

We’ve collected some of our community’s top tips to steer your business smoothly through this busy period.

  1. Plan ahead by understanding your staff’s movements and your customers’ needs so you can manage expectations over the Christmas period.
  2. Maintain a healthy cash flow by being aware of the NDIA’s payment processing dates and submitting invoices on time.
  3. Communicate open times to customers. Let your customers know in advance any changes to operating hours throughout the holidays. Send out an email and communicate them on your website.
  4. Reach out to customers with a gift or acknowledgement of thanks. Christmas can be a lonely time for some, and the services and support you give may be the one thing your customers thrive off each week. Make them feel appreciated.
  5. Attend some community Christmas events. They’re a great way to network, get in the spirit and meet new people. You can often find out what’s going on within local Facebook groups and community boards.
  6. Have a workplace celebration. As an NDIS service provider, you want to make sure it’s inclusive and respectful to every individual’s needs, including people with disability or anxiety.
  7. Get people in the spirit by spreading some holiday cheer on social media – thank you messages, happy snapshots, inspiring tips and customer callouts are a great way to show your appreciation for the year that’s been.
  8. Set some business goals for 2022. Make your goals measurable so you can be accountable and monitor progress. What would you like to accomplish or do better?
  9. Get up to date with any changes in NDIS legislation for 2022 so you can return to work best foot forward. 
  10. Take a break, reset and reconnect with family and friends! It’s been a big year – you deserve it.

Just remember, while the holiday season can be heaps of fun, it can also create a variety of stressors for people with disability and those that take care of them. Small things such as good communication, managing expectations and efficient business practices can make a big difference.